Music review – AB – An album by Abhijeet

Lyrics – Sameer, Abhijeet
Music – Abhijeet
Times Music
INR 96 on iTunes

The album starts with Koi raja na thee rani with mellifluous singing by Abhijeet, exactly the way we remember him. The song has a quaint charm of the times gone by, when we used to look at the inlay cards of the cassettes to find out the song from Abhijeet just so that we can hear them and then sing them to impress girls in our college. Composition wise, the music setting doesn’t intrude with Abhijeet’s singing and am sure that is intentional. Not that it’s bad in anyway.

We then come across Bujhe Bujhe, the only song that is penned by Abhijeet in the album. Although the singing is as you would expect it to be, at times you can feel that the arrangement is cluttered a bit.

Yet another song that will remind us of 90s, Gul chand sitare is pleasant to the ears and has the trademark Abhijeet singing. Lyrics by Sameer are quite venomous for the lover who has probably ditched her lover. The music arrangement could have been better here.

Pankhuri ki palki has good amount of guitars to keep company to Abhijeet who sings well but the lyrics have a major 90s block and the song fails to register. Just a song that would play as you would complete whatever you are doing without taking much notice of the same. The song is not intrusive, mind you and that is largely due to hummable tune and Abhijeet’s singing.

Reh jaate hain has about 9 minutes long and is paced very well. The song is filled with emotions and is not your typical ‘romantic’ song which we come to expect from Abhijeet. It’s a song from a loving parent to her/his offspring and is done beautifully! It is that song in the car which, when it plays will have everyone quiet and may be sobbing as they remember their parents but noone will change the song.

Zara Zara is a peppy offering that I felt was quite plain and didn’t affect me at all. May be it was put to smoothen out the heaviness after the ‘reh jaate hain’ song. In spite of a relatively better arrangement than most of the songs of this album, the song just didn’t register. The lyrics are

The song Na lafzon ki zabaani starts with the trademark ‘hey hey hey’ from Abhijeet. The whistle that follows is a tad embarrassing and should have been performed better. The lyrics are trademark 90s and the setting is sober. The only thing that will stay with you is that it reminds you of a good old hindi film song.

I don’t know about you but I am terribly nostalgic about 1990s and this album took me back to those good days of audio cassettes, ‘mix tapes’, dubbing etc.

Had Abhijeet tried anything else, I would have said ‘Perhaps he should have stuck to his Bollywood soothing style’. In this case, I am actually thankful that he stuck to what he is best at. The album has a soothing undertone mostly and I would recommend it as a ‘buy’ simply because of the era it took me back to. If you are not a 90s kid, even then listen to it to find out how the songs used to sound when dubstep and cheap remix templates weren’t used to compose songs. It was released on 9th May 2014.

You might not want to listen to this simple album daily, but you will not be disappointed to have this in your car as and when you go for long drives.

Abhijeet, Sing more!

You can listen to the album online here

6 thoughts on “Music review – AB – An album by Abhijeet

    1. 🙂 You will not be disappointed am sure. Also, there is so much about 90s to explore and even if its not all ‘prim and propah’ in full.. It is ours. And I love it 🙂

      1. I know… 90’s were the best days of Indian pop music… I miss Lucky Ali, he was my favorite… then there was strings, euphoria, Shaan, silk route… Those were the songs that made my childhood memorable. Loved the 90’s. 🙂

      2. Yes. Almost all of them – either ran out of ideas or broke up and went to films. They flourished (in my view) because our film music scene was quite sad and these guys really wanted to be heard so they rose!

      3. I agree. Bollywood music mostly sucked in the 90’s. I just wish at least some of these bands could come back and recreate the magic of the lost era.

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