Bas mann kiya, likh dia…mera blog, meri marzi 🙂

1. I liked shahid kapoor’s dance in tu mere agal bagal hai
2. I didn’t like the song ‘tu mere agal bagal hai’
3. I loved saree ke fall sa, kabhi match kia re. I love it too much
4. I love the ‘people on the floor, come and get some more’ part from that akshay kumar starrer film. Not sure what the name is.
5. I took interest in films only because i liked gulaal.
6. I dont like black friday
7. I loved listening to babydoll main sonay di
8. Dont read too much into the ‘listening’ part of the point above.
9. I want to be that person who is able to identify the ragas raags in which a song is composed.
10. I love my hometown Lucknow
11. I wish I grew up in bombay. Why? Because then i would have learnt a thing or two which were not considered good in lucknow. (Music or perhaps film making or what the heck, acting?)
12. I have taken on fights because of anurag kashyap. Some people hate me because they know of my obvious loooouv for him.
13. I know that point number 12 doesnt matter but I just had to get it out. 🙂
14. I joined twitter because of Rajeev Masand.
15. I started faking it on twtr soon after I joined.
16. I started dissing karan johar because I wanted to sound and be all cool.
17. I started dissing anurag kashyap more or less for the reason mentioned in point 16.
18. I secretly (ok not so secretly anymore) hate point number 16 because the reality is, I really like karan johar. WYSIWYG ka best example and man what an eye for presentation! I know this doesnt matter but *salute*!
19. I met Onir after I joined twitter and a certain discussion around ‘my brother nikhil’ made me like karan johar so so so much!
20. Even after coming to Bombay, i dont have guts to pursue what i want to.
21. I crib a lot about the point number 20
22. I am always looking for music. If you have any recommendation, any genre, any language, anything, be kind and share!
23. I cannot get enough of senraan ra bairiya
24. I want to meet Rohail Hyatt at least once for a full day and want to talk talk talk talk!
25. I have this secret list of some people who are a part of my family now. I always try and impose myself on them. Yes. I want to talk to them a lot and regularly. Yes, you know who you guys are. No the list doesnt stop at 25.
26. I get jealous as hell if others talk to the people mentioned in point above.
27. I love the way Atif Aslam sounds in Charkha nolakha and Channa
28. This is not the only conफession post I will write.

Sorry, but I HAD to say all this.

Ok, bye.


6 thoughts on “Conफessions

  1. Not sure if u have already heard these but going by ur taste of music I think u’ll like these songs – Raba by Mekaal Hasan band (search it in sound cloud), lambi Judai & aankhiyanu rehn de by Atif aslam (tribute to Reshma), Lagan lagi re( movie- Trishna)

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