Review – CokeStudio India – Season 3 Episode 3 (Clinton Cerejo)

1. Peer jalani – starts with a very infectious riff and then Manga Khan weaves his magic (with excellent guitars for company). The presence of khartaal and morchang sets the song nicely. It is not a typical ‘studio folk’ so it takes time to leave a mark.Clinton also gets to sing and the singing is precisely what we have come to expect from Clinton. Nothing more. Nothing less. The song belongs to the lovely band and Manga Khan. It also gives a lot of hope to us listeners that such experiments would be encouraged (just like Ram Sampath’s episode got Bhanwari devi) and showcased to people at large. The Morchang lead fusion in between although breaks the pace of the song but is delightful nevertheless.

2. Aisi bani – A song weaved around Saint Kabir’s doha. Clinton Cerejo, Vijay Prakash, Biance Gomes and Sonu Kakkar take turns and at times sing together. Although the start is guitar heavy, the song settles down. Clinton appears to be in the ‘Saathi Salaam’ mode and that is very off putting. The nasal Bianca in between also couldn’t do much to save the song that ends up being a well intentioned attempt that lacked execution. The only good part about the song is Sonu kakkar’s part (she sounds like a much in control Jaspinder narula).

3. KalapiKailash Kher gets to sing this one along with fantastic house band. The pace is reggae like and the words are just plain average. Realistically speaking, many of us (although very few admit it openly) have come to expect very less from Kher off late and although he does very well in this average song, the song falls flat. While a lot of people might like the ending, to me it sounds badly arranged.

4. Pinjra – A refreshing ’80s like sound’ start makes you curious. Sanam puri with his soothing voice effortlessly slips in to this soothing track. The backup vocals play their part perfectly throughout the song and Jonita Gandhi is not bad at all. While the song sounds like an honest effort, I am almost forced to opine that this isn’t a song that is CokeStudio worthy. It’s what you could accomodate in a private album that has nothing to do with CokeStudio. No fusion here!

5. Marghat – Arresting notes on the keyboard followed by a darker arrangement of strings is what unsettles you right from the beginning. Till about 3 minutes (out of 9 minutes running time of the song), you hear a lovely music set and then Siddharth Basrur arrives. The singing is a bit ‘south bombay’ sorts and thats a bummer because a singer like Rahul Ram would have taken the song higher, much higher. Don’t get me wrong. This song is structured and arranged well, just that the vocal seems to get lost in the excellent arrangement.

6. Baina – The second song from the episode that is worth listening again and again after Peer Jalani. Vijay Prakash does very well and creates his space nicely amidst a song that is the best arranged song in the episode. The use of Sitar Veena is not overdone and it fits into the overall arrangement very well. The way the song fades off is sure to give you goosebumps. They should have used this structure on Marghat and it could have really helped the song, in my view.

Overall a disappointing episode for Season 3 and if we go ahead and compare it with the last season’s episode that Kick started the season 2, it is a big let down. Clinton has repeated Vijay prakash, Bianca, Sonu Kakkar and there is an interesting error in judgement that is on display here. Wile Bianca ROCKED mauje naina as it was right up her ally in the season 2, she is out of place in the song she is given this year. On the contrary, Sonu kakkar tried too hard last year but is bang on this time round! We would have liked to hear (Just in case repeating was a must for Clinton) Ustad Sawan Khan but he is missing!

Also, I somehow don’t get the choice of ‘Townie sorts’ singers that Clinton has made. I hope there is much more variety for us to hear via Clinton in the times to come.

My picks – Peer Jalani and Baina

Note – This review is penned by legally downloading all that iTunes has to offer and if the folks at Cokestudio are listening/reading, Please include the musicians and lyricist credits to the itunes?


That’s INR 80 that I could have spent wisely! 😦

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