Issaq – Music review

Issaq tera sung by Mohit chauhan has all the elements of a typical ‘hopeless in love’ song. Be it the dreamy and minimalistic music arrangement or the gentle ticks which accompany the song throughout. The words are easy and the flow of the song is just right.

Jheeni re jheeni portrays a rainy night and not before long, Ustad Rashid Khan mesmerizes us with his singing. Excellent use of sarangi. It is quite a rare feat to stand up and hold your ground when Ustad ji is singing and Pratibha not only does that but adds so much character to the song! This comes from the same musical duo that gave us ‘slowly slowly’ (Go Goa Gone) not before long! The way the song dovetails the classic ‘nindia bairi bhayee’ in the middle portion is just too good! 2 Thumbs up!

Bhole chale gets Rahul Ram (from Indian ocean) to team up with Sachinn gupta. A song that celebrates the overalls of Lord Shiva’s entourage as he is on the way to get married. While the essence of the song might remind you of ‘shivji behaney chaley’, the execution is brave and loud in right measure. A superb song! Thumbs up!

Aag ka dariya gets Ankit tewari back (after his rather melodious query lately). Composed by Sachinn Gupta, it is another brave song that oozes attitude and is in your face. Penned (rather built upon) the famous Jigar Muradabadi verse ‘Ye ishq nahi asaan bas itna samajh lijye, ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai’, the song is above average and what helps great deal is the always present Electric guitar. Never too loud, just right.

Enne unne ho gaya comes out of the Tanu weds Manu combo of Krsna and Rajshekhar. In this album however, it fills the ‘dinchak song’ slot. Sung by Mamta Sharma, Kirthi Sagathia, Papon, Tarun Sagar, Krsna and a group of good backup vocals, the song has liberal double meaning at its disposal and Krsna doesn’t let even a ‘silvat’ go waste. :). The only thing I liked was the usage of the word ‘Bauram’ in the song.

Bhagan ke Rekhan by the wonderful Malini Awasthi and Raghubir Yadav is a delicious beauty on which the ‘folk hungry’ people like me will feast and feast well. The guitars, shehnai and the effective percussion is too haunting! The song clearly belongs to Malini Awasthi. 2 Thumbs up!

Issaq Tera (Duet) The title song gets it’s duet version and boy does it rock! One patient listening to the song and you realise that it is Smita Jain who adds the right amount of love to Issaq along with the usually dependable Mohit chauhan. It’s a pity that the song ends too soon because we would have liked to hear Smita and Mohit a little more.

Aag ka dariya (unplugged version) Is sung by Sachinn Gupta. It is a slow and melancholic sibling to the louder counterpart that appears earlier in the album. The almost whisper like rendition is quite engaging mostly because of the voice quality of Sachinn gupta. We would certainly like to hear more of this voice. Sachinn you listening?

Issaq is a splendid music album that enjoys a confluence of various talented composers, singers and lyricists. The sprinkling of Hindustani classical and folk with the right serving of contemporary is what makes this album un-putdownable.

My picks – Issaq tera (duet), Jheeni re, Bhagan ke Rekhan, Bhole chaley and Aag ka dariya

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