Dear Rohail Hyatt

Dear Rohail Hyatt

As we can all smell a new season from your musical shelf is just around the corner, I hope…

I hope it will reinforce my belief in good fusion like it did when Saeein zahoor and Noori performed Aik Alif

I hope it will introduce me to newer languages like it did when sketches performed Mandh waai and left me teary eyed even when I couldn’t understand a bit of what was being said (‘Subtitles’ option came much later)

I hope it will make me meet a group of super talented singers like the chakwal group who will enthrall me by the sheer energy they bring to a song in a quiet, understated manner. Remember the kandyaari dhol geet?

I hope it will give me goosebumps like it does every time Tahir Mithu went ‘o ho alllah’ in pere pavan di saan.

I hope it will make me scream the way it did when Atif and Qayaas ran a riot of melody in charkha nolakha

I hope it will remind me to find the meaning within myself like the way it did when Arieb Azhar recited Na raindee hai

I hope it will take an old classic or two and treat them with the goodness that ONLY cokestudio pakistan can do. Remember mori araj suno? Remember dasht e tanhai?

I hope it will confuse me as to what was better? A superb composition throughout or the recital towards the end that took my breath away. Remember Kyun tu achcha lagta hai? Or the last few minutes of ‘mori araj suno’?

I hope it will bring back an old voice just like you brought ‘Lala’ Ataullah khan who gently reaffirmed the ‘still have it’ from ni oothan waaley.

I hope it will have another instrumental piece like seher that charmed the life out of me..

I hope it will show us that we can try venturing out to genres like a lullaby with a simple yet effective nindiya re..

I hope it will give yet another call to the almighty in the plain simple manner that quietly shakes us and wakes us all up…remember Allah hu?

I hope it will ask me to move along with the roads, hopelessly in love. Remember Chal diyay?

I hope it will educate me a bit more about nuances of the popular music forms like it did on Pashto…Remember Paimona or for that matter Larsha Pekhawar Ta

I hope it will take a raga like it took darbari and turned it by it’s head in Kuch ajab khail with a brilliant music arrangement. Some people heard music in the video, others plainly concentrated on why shafqat amanat ali khan was wearing shades in the studio..Kuch ajab khail kartaar ke indeed!

I hope it will wake up a lot of people to sheer awesomeness of a song that can be fused with anything (In this case a simple village song wherein the girls are being asked to get ready and visit a gathering nearby), still it can make you dance…Yes! I am talking about THIS!

I hope you get yet another lion or a lioness from Balochistan who can charm us like Akhtar chanal Zahri did with Dannah pa daanah. I refer to him as the Pied Piper from Balochistan.

I hope it will continue to have the lovely set of backup vocal singers who are undoubtedly the best we have ever come across. Rachel and Zoe just light up every song when they are around, just like all the musicians who are a part of the set up.

I hope it will make me float again like I do every time I hear Senraan Ra Baairya. Didn’t know you can make someone smile and cry in the same song keeping the old world charm intact and the fusion very contemporary.

Lastly, I hope it will erase one more line from these wrinkles (that divide us) like it has done every year so that we can sit and sway together to music because quite frankly, everything else is just a waste of time…

रागों की छनक से पूछ के देखेंगे कि वो पाकिस्तानी है या हिन्दुस्तानी..

So Sri Rohail Hyatt, over to you, Sir!

Coke Studio

12 thoughts on “Dear Rohail Hyatt

  1. wahhhhh ! another CS pak freak 😀 feel exactly the way u do haha.. season 6 is expected by august ! cant wait !!

  2. Nice post. I wish that all of your hopes gets true.

    There is a buzz that in Season 6, Coke Studio Pakistan is doing some jam sessions with Turkish musicians. If this is true then let see how does this experiment roll out.

  3. So much fun reading your blog and listening to every song once again, even though I have listened to them hundreds of times already. People like you reminds of why humanity is (and should be) above religion and the man made boundaries that divide us.

  4. Although I have liked CSP since a long time, never really got around to following it like a serious fan. After season 8 I have started religiously listening to each season one by one. Thus landed here on your post. A minor correction – Chal Diyay is linked to Senraan Ra Baiirya.

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