Ghanchakkar – Music review

Staying close to the premise of the film is not something most music composers know in our lovely industry. Recently though, Music albums of Go Goa Gone and few others have successfully wrapped themselves around the feel of the film and boy were they good!

Amit Trivedi’s latest offering – Ghanchakkar joins the league of such wonderful attempts and how!

1. Ghanchakkar babu – Sax, percussions, brass bands and a superb army of female backup singers accompany Amit trivedi who rocks, hip hops and basically makes a superb song that briefly appears to be on ‘motorwada’ template but the words penned here take the song miles ahead of any fun song we have heard this year so far. Amitabh bhattacharya is clearly enjoying his work and HOW! The double track sound in the second part of both the antraas is just an excellent touch by Trivedi! I don’t think I will get over this song for a long time to come.

There is a remix of this song as well but it didn’t do anything except sound very ‘remixy’ 🙂

2. Allah meherbaan – A techno qawwali that stays far from any ‘filmi qawwali’ template except the usage of Bulbul tarang (and a sabri-sque ‘Allah’ from Amit Trivedi). Divya Kumar appears very comfortable and the beats in the song will actually send out confusing signals to those who like to view things in a set template. Experimentation that doesn’t go out of sync. Not the strongest song of the album, yet immensely enjoyable.

3. Lazy Lad – The brilliant Richa Sharma gets into the skin of the song right from the word ‘Aaain’ err! I mean right from the word ‘Go!’. A superb percussion arrangement and a brief use of bagpipes with a lot of whistles constantly, the song has fun written all over it. Richa sharma is capable of a lot of good things and emoting the way she does here is just one of it. I hope she is flooded with songs. Excellent song this! A special word for Amitabh bhattacharya for painting a lazy bum (who is always complaining!) like it has never been done in hindi films, ever!

4.Jholu ram – Brass bands o how lovely you are! Here, they are used in the naughtiest manner possible. Altaf raja returns with a very good song that paints a vivid picture of someone who is Mr. Fixit! (Oh IPL Joke!), for everything in a not necessarily legal manner! The wordplay is topclass! One might feel that Altaf Raja is not exploited well and fully here. Brass bands on the other hand are used wooofer phaad ke!

An album that gives out the feel of the film to which it belongs and NOT the feel of the ‘composer’ who has composed it…Amit Trivedi, thy name is adaptation!

5 thumbs up!

Buy it from flipkart and later on iTunes

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