Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Music review

ilahi This song appears twice in the soundtrack. Mohit chauhan’s version has a dash of fun-n-frolic to it with Mohit getting hysterical in bits. All while accompanied by an excellent all kids backup vocal army! Arijit singh’s version is free flowing and scores slightly above Mohit’s version in terms of melody. Both versions however smell stongly of a ‘Phir se udd chala meets gurus of peace meets kasto maza’ arrangement and feel. Still, enjoyable. Immensely.

Kabira also appears twice in the album. One version sung by Rekha bharadwaj and Tochi Raina and the other sung by Harshdeep and Arijit Singh. Tune wise remaining the same, the Harshdeep-Arijit version is arranged more like a wedding song. In fact the start of this song will surely remind you of Ye kudiya nashey diya puriyaa part in the mehndi laga ke rakhna as well as Kabse aaye hain tere dulhe raja part from Kuch kuch hota hai’s Saajan ji ghar aaye song. On the other hand the Rekha-Tochi version tries very very hard to sound like iktaara from wake up sid. Sadly it doesn’t. In fact if you hear closely the parts sung by Tochi you will get a ‘Tere bina’ (Guru) feel. The song isn’t bad. It’s just too out there to please you and get your headtilt ‘Aww’!

Ghagra sung by Rekha Bharadwaj and Vishal dadlani – is wannabe desi at so many levels that it is not funny! Anyway, just hear the initial lines by Rekha Bharadwaj and when she goes ‘Kahan se aaya hai rey tu’ it will remind you of Hum hongey kaamyaab song. Anyway, this song clearly will feature Madhuri Dixit and Ranbir and will probably benefit because of that reason only. It is noise at it’s worst. Didn’t work at all.

Subhanallah – Indian Idol season 5 winner Sreeram gets a chance to sing with Shilpa Rao for this. This track reminds you of ‘Shukranallah’ (Kurbaan) A LOT! Shilpa rao appears for a very short duration in the song leaving Sreeram to own up the song. The song sounds fresh largely due to him, still there is something missing in the song. I can’t put my ear to it. May be you can?

Dilliwali girlfriend – A song that points us to a peppier Arijit Singh (along with the awesome Sunidhi chauhan…can’t get over her ‘Ok Bye..)! Although this would rank very high in the books of those who love artificial mood creation via keyboard sort of beats, the song intersects so many ‘familiar’ songs (for example – Mere haathon mein nau nau chooriyan hai from chandni and Kendi po po po from Partner) and add to that a general LOUD music arrangement. Lyrics are quite interesting though. Would I hear it again? No way!

Balam Pichkaari – Shalmali and Vishal (with a group of very wannabe desi backup singers). No points for guessing that this is the ‘Main rang barse banna chahta hu’ song of the album. A tune that reminds very strongly of Gaaye jaa geet milan ke and a mood that reminds very strongly of this, the song is plain average. Surely to get people dancing on the floor and will fool them to think ‘वाव! आज काफी देसी गाने पे नाच लिया, इंडिया इस फोल्क म्यूजिक आई टेल यू!’

Badtameez Dil – Alas! the song of the album! This was released as a single track before the album hit the stores and has helped greatly in making people believe the overall album is oh so good! The brass bands, the mood, the singing by Benny dayal, the tastier than ‘moori bhaat’ lyrics by Amitabh bhattacharya (yes! and the superlative dance by Ranbir on screen). There is nothing wrong with this song and that’s a rarity for this album. Even skeptics like me can’t stop repeating this song in spite of clear warning by Benny/Amitabh that ‘Mere peechey kisine repeat kia to sala maine tere munh pe maara mukka!’

Special vote of thanks to Pritam for introducing Arijit Singh to us and using him repeatedly. What a find!

Overall just an average album from Pritam that benefits largely by good lyrics (Penned by Kumaar and Amitabh Bhattacharya) and suffers from way too many ‘inspirations’ and noises at times. Nonetheless this album might land Pritam an award or two because it is a Karan johar presentation..! राई के पहाड़ पर तीन फूटा लिल्लिपुट! You see!

माने ना!

My Picks – Badtameez dil, Kabira (Non Rekha bharadwaj-Tochi version), Ilahi (Arijit Singh version of course!)

8 thoughts on “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Music review

  1. I haven’t heard the full album yet so won’t comment about that. But “good” lyrics? I hate the lyrics of all three songs which are out. Make absolutely no sense to me.

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