Bombay Talkies – Music review…Almost!

Sukhwinder starts Give it up for bachchan! in a storytelling fashion reminding you of once in vogue the ‘natak-nautanki’ style of singing songs wherein singers used to talk/converse and then sing and repeat this midway into the song. Amit trivedi hits you then with neat arrangement almost immediately with liberal ‘BigB hain!’ and the neat neat neat beats take over and staying pretty much constant throughout. Better than the song, the inclusion of epic dialogues in the song is what makes the song different and bearable.(Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya)

Akkad bakkad  – starts in a failry shubharamb-sque fashion and Mohit Chauhan teams up with Amit trivedi to bring this song. Creating an atmosphere of a play that is being presented musically, the lyrics try very hard to cover everything resulting in ‘too much effort’ sort of impression. The song mind you is not heavy but somehow doesn’t click. Nothing wrong with music arrangement. (Lyrics – Swanand kirkire)

MurabbaKavita seth soothes us with her return in this song wherein Amit Trivedi tries very hard to appear and impress us with his super velvet voice (and yodels mildly as well). The song is O.K. (after bachchan tribute song) when compared to the other songs of the album but that isn’t saying much. (Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya)

Bombay TalkiesKailash kher starts the song that will make you presume that the music is by Kailasa. Shades of ‘tujhe goli maroonga’ line from LSD make it even more ‘familiar’ on the ears. Totally expected. Richa Sharma is a welcome part of the song and it’s good to have her back! The words again are very simple and again a very ‘stage play presentation’ make the song very unusual overall. (Lyrics – Swanand kirkire)

Murabba (Javed bashir) – The song stands out for the neat music arrangement and some real fast singing by Javed. Hint of brass bands as well (the slow sort) and a hurried male vocal back ups towards the end left me confused. Strictly O.K. (Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya)

Bombay Talkies (2) – The good part – Udit narayan and Kavita come are a part of the song! The better part – excellent cross reference of some popular tunes. The sad part – The song ends too soon! Would have loved to hear more, much more of this one! (Reminded me of – Rab ne bana di jodi’s – fir milengey chaltey chaltey song especially when the ‘change words on familiar tune’ game was being played by the backup singers). (Lyrics – Swanand kirkire)

Overall a below average music album by all means. I would have survived well without listening to this album actually. The only song that stands out is – Give it up for bachchan!

I guess the problem is with the packaging of the overall product. An O.S.T. must compliment the feel of the overall film. While it’s nice (and a little too evident) that the film is ‘celebrating’ 100 years of cinema, the packaging and presentation was too ‘elite’ to have come out with such a below average music album. Amit trivedi has maintained the excellent choice of music instruments and the music has a very ‘neat’ feel. That’s it.

Wondering how many lost technicians are getting their dues by the self appointed representatives of ‘Indian cinema’

(If you feel there are some details missing, that’s because I am way too tired from the music of this album…that’s why, Almostareview!)

If you still want to brave the music, You can listen to it here. Special thanks to for saving my money. A firm believer in buying music from legal sources, I would have had to chase the makers for a refund!

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