Ek thi daayan – Tracklist (not officially confirmed)

Do you know that Lootera music in the teaser has striking resemblance to a Hollywood film? O.K. having ticked the fainthearted self-declared ‘rebels’, now on to serious business.

Googled and Googled about Ek thi daayan songs and the internet threw some song titles as the tracklist, hence sharing it. Am quite sure this might not be true but then I am as bored as a ‘heartbroken’ music composer whose ‘music inspiration’ has been caught, (Another classic joke! uff i am on fire!) here is a blog post, just like that

Ok, here is what internet tells us on Ek thi daayan songs

Tote Ud Gaye
Kaali Kaali
Lautungi Main
Sapna Re Sapna
Sehmi Sehmi Siย  Official tracklist doesn’t include this song (Corrected on March 30, 2013)
Ek Thi Dayan

I have no idea on when is the music releasing and I accept no claims of any kind of authenticity of this post.

Ok, Bye.

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