Aatma – Music review

Aatma, written and directed by Suparn Verma is slated to hit the theaters on 22 March 2013. Suparn gave a first hand preview of all the tracks and here is what I thought of it.

LullabySangeet haldipur gets behind the microphone for this one to give us one of the best twisted lullaby in the recent times. Such a clean voice, just the apt music setting, the track leaves you wanting for more. Shades of the Beethoven’s Für Elise and a whole lot of numbness. Special mention of Kumaar, the lyricist. Sapne kitney rengey palkon pe kahin, aahat aati hai neendein aati hee nahi! Kudos!

Ji ley zyaada by Nikhil paul george has a peppy start and pretty much remains the same throughout. Clearly enjoying himself, Nikhil does full justice to the song that speaks on living the life, fully. Light and easy on the ears, the song is sure to grow when the film releases.

Ji ley zyaada (girl power mix) sung by Anusha Mani Shefali Alvares & Apeksha Dandekar sounds just like a pop song with 3 girls on and about life and fun! Decent backup vocals and peppy treatment like the male version is done nicely. It would have been so easy for the girls to Overdose on ‘OH YEA….yea yea’ and all those wannabe words to make it sound ‘hip’ but they stay away from it and thank God for that! Nicely done!

Aatma (Rock version) – starts with a fully ‘rock’ equipped setting and Suraj Jagan, without any histrionics keeps the song to the audible levels.The unsettling pace of violins along with electric guitars in between roughs you up very smartly. Horror film soundtrack indeed! Never shrill or loud, the song is structured excellently by the composers.

Lullaby (Jazz)Anahita Irani grabs the microphone for this less than 3 minute version of the lullaby and croons it well. Peppered by excellent saxophone, the song is ‘instrument light’ and will grow. There is a shiver in Anahita’s voice that is just too good to miss!.

Aatma (Instrumental) – The whistle, gentle twinkles and eerie and melancholic violin, the track tune is similar to the excellent lullaby that the film has. A satisfying track that exponentially portrays the tone of the film. In between the track, the violins just sink and take a detour from the tune…that’s a superb touch by Sangeet-Siddharth. Just the right atmosphere. Just the right amount of haunting whistle.

2 Thumbs up!

When it comes to O.S.T., I would prefer an album that compliments the feel of the film rather than being a stand alone album that is disconnected with the film on most counts. With Aatma, the composers, Sangeet and Siddharth haldipur have hit all the right notes in complementing the overall feel of the film. There are no ‘MANDATORY’ songs in the film and that’s such a relief!

An excellent album, worth a listen and more!!

You can follow Suparn on twitter for more updates on the film.

Aatma Poster


4 thoughts on “Aatma – Music review

  1. Wow now really looking forward to buyin the album after your recommendation. Impatiently waiting for the film to releasr!!!!!!!

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