Kai Po Che – Music review

I thought the music release of Rockstar was the most delayed but then Kai Po Che happened! Thankfully the music was released BEFORE the film released! As @MrNarci rightly pointed out, the delay in the music release could have been due to the fact that with just 3 songs, the buzz is difficult to be sustained. Whatever the reason, we would have liked some information on the music release date đŸ™‚

Manjha – An extremely well used Esraj starts the songs that is about hope, hope and hope. The udaan-isque feel of the song is pleasant and not feels repetitive in anyway. Amit trivedi uses claps and Esraj in a way only he can. The brief portion wherein Esraj plays (around 2:05 onwards) can make you dance. Positivity! The words by Swanand kirkire are so simple yet so effective. You really don’t need to be layered all the time to sound good. This song just furthers the same point and how!

Meethi boliyan – starts with guitar and then the gentle ‘pa pa pa pa’ by Amit in background. Mili nair sings and swoons the song that essentially sounds like a shankar ehsaan loy composition when it begins. The exquisite use of continuum and the slow, almost dreamy use of drums is just too Amit trivedi-sque! A beautiful song.

Subharambh – Remember Shruti Pathak? Remember Divya Kumar? Yes, they both get company of shehnai and and and? bagpipes! An excellent gujrati folk song (with minimal shouts of ‘HEY JI REYYYYYYY’ and all that) that has mild innovations here and a good note there. Blink and you will miss the beauty of the song. The bagpipes startle you when they start! Only Amit Trivedi can give so much variance to a folk based song. Lyrics wise the song has a little ‘saathi haath badhana’ feel as well.

The director has confirmed that these are the only tracks we will get from the film. this speaks so much about the fact that the pace of the film wont be marred by too many songs.

Amit trivedi is already an institution who we have come to expect only innovation from and Kai Po Che does not let you down. It infact lifts you up and fills you up with so much hope and joy!

Amit Trivedi, thank you for the music. Please continue…we are listening!

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