Thagni – Music review (And we MUST hear this album)!

This review goes out to Honhaar gunda who gifted me this album..a priceless gift my friend, and thank you for it!

Mora saiyyan – Violin and guitar start this track. Shreyas takes the first shot and throws his soothing voice in a control that you get only because of good amount of ‘riyaz’. A track that deals with a lot of pathos (And no this is NOT ‘Mora saiyyan mose bole na’). The entire track is very soothing and even when the adventurous alaaps are undertaken by the singers, it is very easy on ears. That’s a rare quality and thankfully in this day and age, someone gifts us with it.

Moko kahan dhoodnhey – Oh What a start to the track! Hear it out to know what I mean! Excellent choice of instrument. Right from the word go, the track has a free flowing vibe to it and it is very infectious. The typical ‘tapping foot while typing an email’ song. It is quite a surprise that such an exceptional musical treatment has been given to such an old song. I have already mentioned the exquisite beginning of this track and let me leave this song by mentioning the equally amazing end. Brilliance!

Maya Thagni – Sitar alongwith faint voices from kids launches the song. One of the most famous poems by Saint kabir, this track benefits with rich music arrangement. A lot of ‘hooo hoooo’ (by female back up singers) and a lot of strings. A different track from the rest of the album in terms of music arrangement. This track has a very ‘kailasa’ feel to it.

Ghoonghat ke pat khol ni Tohey piya milengey – Sarod starts this track. Guitar then takes it alongside light percussion participants. Mild reggae feel to yet another classic poem from Saint kabir! The way the song ends speaks a lot of this brilliant set of composers! Praise, praise and more praise for this track! Thumbs up Shreyas and Abhas!

Mann lago yaar – Nomadic start (And that’s a proof of a sound music arrangement) to a song that speaks of a nomad who prefers to live like a nomad who sings for a living and lives on whatever the world has to offer him. The flute play is superb and the atmosphere created by the sound of this song is exemplary!

Udd Jayega hans akela – Yes, you read it right. It is the pious and sacred bhajan of Kabir that has been immortalised by Pt. Kumar gandharva ji. To attempt this speaks of a lot of guts. Although one might feel there is a heavy ‘kailasa’ feel in this track, still to give credit where it’s due the singers have done their best! Brilliantly arranged.

Jheeni re – Starts with a famous couplet from Saint kabir. The guitar adds a touch of contemporary times to this timeless poem. Aabhas and shreyas pick up the song very delicately. The entire track benefits from a near silent music arrangement. No heroics, no ‘trying to show off the vocal range’. Excellent backup vocals as well. The use of Mouth organ is quite clever! A very good track and must be heard.

This album deserves all the praise and the singers/composers Shreyas and Abhas deserve a pat on their back for attempting this hitherto unexplored genre with such confidence! The label owners – Sa re ga ma have made it possible for us to listen to this and we must give them credit as well. Clearly one of best albums of 2012,  not because it will remind us of Kumar Gandharva ji or Pt. Bhimsen Joshi ji, but for the simple reason that it will give another facet to these timeless lines that Saint Kabir and kamali penned ages ago.

This superb album can be bought for 63 bucks from here…this is the cheapest Pure Gold will ever be!

4 thoughts on “Thagni – Music review (And we MUST hear this album)!

  1. last you suggested so strongly was somrass
    that gave me around 5 memorable songs

    i listened to this and trust me am gonna listen to all you’ll recomend strongly

    in my social circle i got to know about this album from here only, so am glad joining.

    were checking few previous posts of yours.
    so suggesting you to hear(or post reviews of) albums fitoor by mohit chauhan and pehchaan and boondien by silk route

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