Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Music review

A Chimta coupled with slow beats and a naughty punjabi flute..all this along with an excellent group of back up vocals (the ‘hac! hac!’…marvellous!) arrest you when Kikli Kaler di starts. Naughty without being loud the song instantly profiles a casanova who has too many ‘balls in the air’. Pinky Maidasani Yo Yo Honey Singh & Amit trivedi give us a rib tickling kick a$$ track which is Punjabi in a very un-bollywood style! Liked liked super liked!

Mouth organ starts off Motorwada and before you think it has a very ‘country moojic’ sort of ‘pheel’, the lyrics will make you sit up and take notice. Dekh jaaat ke thaaat sort of music! Tochi and Amit Trivedi are clearly enjoying their life out (wearing lot of gold and black goggles and nodding to each other, clearly). Repeat rap by Amit Trivedi is so bloody pleasing to ears..Did I mention ‘naughty’ lyrics? Another super like to this album.

Luv shuv tey chicken khurana – Oh Punjab! Very Punjab-isque start to the song (Hear it out to know what I mean) Harshdeep starts the song with a lot of love and sweetness which is quite reminiscent of Punjab’s warmth. Then Shahid Mallaya joins in and (sounding very much like ‘choudhary’ from cokestudio Amit trivedi’s episode)and the sweetness gets multiplied by 1000! The song has, what we call a very rural (read pure) sense of naughtiness. ‘Nok-jhok’ in punjabi has never been better described musically in any hindi film. Super super liked!

Luni Hasi – Dual track Harshdeep kaur with Mandolin like sound, complimented with electric guitars and claps start this track. The mood of the album changes with this track. The instruments are all contemporary and the setting is very nightclub like. There are hindi lyrics in the antra which would relieve a lot of people who have issues with ‘Punjabi’ being used excessively in the album. Towards the end the song has a brief traditional interlude, with algoza and a very bold Harshdeep kaur alaap. Didn’t like the song very much.

Makkhan Malai – Probably the most ‘by the template’ punjabi song of the album. Excellent lyrics and peppy chorus heighten the mood of the song to some extent. Very cute. I feel it is one of those songs that would be fun to look at on the screen but won’t find place in your playlist for long. Oh yes and a hit in weddings! (Punjabi or otherwise!)

Farukha Baadi – Starts with a variation of the traditional Bari barsee and a lot of kyooooot punjabi girls giving out the warnings in swit punjabbbi to the guys! The guys are somewhat saved by Labh Janjua and Amit Trivedi who defend themselves melodiously. Again it’s the treatment of the song which is unusual. Special mention of the lyrics. Shellee is bang on! Mothers and sisters and jai jai…hear it, you will know what I mean. Not going head over heels about the song, still love it, and that amazing Algoza and ek taara use with good bass reflex! Magical!

Theme music – Again and unlike ‘Punjabi’ theme. Rabab is used exquisitely by Amit trivedi (with a beautiful ek tara in the background, continuously). This musical piece paints a ‘by the fields of prosperity and good people’ feel. Not loud. Very soothing. Superb!

Luni Hasi (Male Version) – Devender singh (Cokestudio tey Indian Idol wala Munda…haan wohi!) is in charge of giving us the male version of this song. This version sounds fresh and you can’t help but feel that Devender was nervous singing this song. Its cute actually. Would have liked a bit more ‘Masti’ in his voice. May be I am trying to fit the song with whatever ‘Bollywood’ has filled us in the name of all things Punjabi so far.

KikliKalerdi (Punjabi version) – Clearly dominated by Pinky Maidasani from the word go, this punjabi version gets us up close with Amit trivedi’s Punjabi Avatar. Insane Fun! Just hear the way Pinky lets go of the words like ‘Parwaaaah’ and ‘kyaaa’. Sala damn good! Rap is dissssaant (and not Yo yo honey singh ishtyle). The flute plays with a rapping Amit trivedi in between and that just adds to the flavor. By God ki kasam, this shall not leave the playlist for a long time. Kasam By God di! Who else heard the word ‘Womaniya’ being used in the song? Dassso chalo!

Special special mention for shelle, the lyricist. Punjab has never smelled so good in totality. Words like honey and usage like hot aloo parathas with lassi!

I am totally tired of praising this Amit trivedi I tell you. Aye ki gal hai? If the variations are anything to go by, Amit trivedi is going to fill in the void that was created with digital music orgasming over processed vocals since sometime. Give him Ishaqzaade, Ek Main aur Ekk tu, English Vinglish, Aiyya or Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana…this man doesn’t stop!

An excellent and a must have album for those who like the ‘pind di khushboo’. Not loud doesn’t mean not melodious/foot tapping and Amit trivedi shows us just that with so much ease that it’s not even surprising now! There was a time when music directors used to have their wishlist of film makers they wanted to work with…Amit trivedi won’t need to make such a list because very soon (if not already) will be in the list of all film makers, deservingly so!

More power and some chikkkkan to this boy whizard!


6 thoughts on “Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Music review

  1. You sound like a strict school teacher… After all the praises, it’s 4/5.. 1 mark grace ka dedo, dost. 😉

    I’ve downloaded so much of crappy bollywood music, and have invariably ended up regretting. But like many other readers, your reviews become a single source of inspiration to download new bollywood music.. So Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana will be downloaded and heard with immediate effect!

  2. So, this thirty something guy comes and gives music which is BLOODY GOOD and BETTER than Rahman’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan which is out around the same time. I so hate him. Jee Haan! And like always (Okay mostly) I’ll buy your review 🙂

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