Aiyyaa – Meezik review!

Wakda – Excellent Morchang starts the song with the mridangam joining in later and superb nadaswaram leading the way for Amit Trivedi (who is now joined by the keyboards as well, by the way). A song talking about the ‘inevitable’. The song has a leisurely pace occassionally lifted by nasaswaram and a lot of tabla and harmonium. A marriage song by all means. Will grow on repeated listening. There is a good amount of brass band towards the end also and it is just fabulous!

What to do – Starts with Sarod, goes on for a minute giving you an impression of a very soulful ‘serious’ song and then, Sneha Khanwalkar (Yey!!) goes behind the microphone and gets down and suggestive immediately! Amitabh bhattacharya with a very typical nasal (Not racist I hope, dear saviours of races?). In between Amit trivedi makes a lot of noise as well. This is NOT a song for kids. Nopes not. Amit trivedi has smartly crafted a very comic music arrangement around the song (and the lines from a very popular advertisement about a papad does help..hear it out!) Special mention of Amitabh bhattacharya (Wasn’t he one of the singers in ‘Emosanal atyachaar’ from Dev D?)….emoted well…a little too well.

Mahek BhiThe mandatory shreya ghosal song I thought (before the song started) when I was greeted by Shehnai, clarinet and a whistle. Yes, Shehnai that will melt your heart. Even though Shreya Ghosal has sung many a songs that sound like this one, the music arrangement lifts the song very well. Dreamy song. (Amit trivedi again in back up vocals, please note). At the risk of being repititive, in this song Shehnai is a clear winner. Beautifully done!

Aga bai – The first thing that hits you about this song is that it has quite a techno start! I wasn’t expecting this.The moment it all pauses for a second (or may be less than that), the song takes off and HOW!! Shalmali Kholgade and Monali Thakur  hug the song and inject energy that doesn’t die down.This is not one of those fake ‘sheila jawani’ or ‘Anarkali that goes to disco’ energy. This one, is for keeps! The mind again wanders towards the excellent music arrangement by Amit Trivedi (Some of it very 1980s Disco types!). If this song is filmed well, this has all the potential to set the screen on fire! Espeeesal marks to Shalmali for some excellent pronunciation in between (For example – Nayna instead of Naina!)

Sava dollar – A lavani, says the song title. It starts in the same manner anyway. Sunidhi chauhan emotes Bachchan and Rekha…emotes thanda and so on and so forth! Aided with very good set of backup vocals, the reference is towards making it big in ‘Philmi’ duniya. While I didn’t like the song as much as the other songs of the album, I have to admit that the fun Sunidhi chauhan has had singing this is contagious and the tongue in cheek lyrics will have you smiling without a doubt. Sunidhi chauhan can we please have you singing more for us? Please?

Dreamum Wakeupum – 1980s Disco with good brass band ‘wakes’ us up when the song starts. Very in your face and very suggestive. Much has been talked about this song already. The song, like the other fun songs of the film is very unapologetic. Soumya rao has kicked it and kicked it well! A song that will make splashes, big time (Yes, stating the obvious!). The arrangement is such so as to make the vocals very loud, still it doesn’t sound shrill. That’s the genius of Amit Trivedi and this can be said about the sound of the entire album as well.

The dear ‘Bollywood’ has a typical cliche attached to everything. While a ‘Veronica’ and ‘Riana Braganza’ are shown to have premarital sex at will, there have been so many cases when a typical ‘Aiyyo’ has been associated with our friends down south. The soundtrack (and the film, I reckon) takes a delicious potshot at this cliche and turns it by its head. An unapologetically fun soundtrack that is screaming out everything about the film.

A soundtrack that will set your playlist on fire and the one that displays Amit Trivedi and his magnificent range.

Highly recommended!


6 thoughts on “Aiyyaa – Meezik review!

  1. Amit Trivedi has always been among my favorites (wasn’t he the one behind ‘udaan’. i didn’t knew he was behind aiyya too but still i think i didn’t like Dreamum wakeupum. maybe the voice itches me or what but you can attribute ‘at to my peculiar taste 😐

  2. This is probably the first time that I disagree with your review. I found the soundtrack very AVERAGE! May be because I expect much more from Amit Trivedi. The songs – lyrics, music are no doubt made keeping in mind the ‘mood’ of the film but still it doesn’t leave an impact. The songs are CATCHY and that’s about it!! I doubt if I will listen to any of these songs after one month from now. I would give it 2.5 or a 3. Quite a fan boyish review :p

    1. So u are telling me that you pile on ur expectations on a composer and not view the album in the contex of the film? Ok.

      Funny isnt it, anything remotely to do woth akfpl and the blogger becomes a fanbwoy if she/he likes it hai na? 🙂


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