Music of Kshay

Music of Kshay

If you still haven’t heard about Kshay read this post (with preview track links)

I still haven’t seen the film and haven’t read the posts that I have linked above. Therefore what I write here is just the first impression of the sound of the film that left an impact on the mind after hearing the CD. The track names are mentioned in bold.

The thing about the first track (titled – At the first sight)  that will arrest you is the use of bass and violins. The composer doesn’t try to sound ‘grand’ at all. The mood and the feel is very ‘come lets see what is happening’ rather than ‘Let me SHOW what’s happening’!

Slow strings introduce us to the next track Home. The mood is slow and the keyboard in the background gently climbs up your senses and sucks you into the mood the album, (and we are just on the second track!) The next track Chhaya starts in somewhat similar mood where Home left, but quickly the music is spread out and a peak is hit with heavy bass arrangement. I would have loved to hear more of this track. Injia is the next track that leavess a lot of space for thoughts. Sounds weird I know but the arrangement is so silent and ‘water drop’ like that you will probably drift into your thoughts. An almost silent track. A seed, a tree, A lotus starts with the customary violin and then uses other sounds with a reflective bass arrangement off and on. When the ‘Santoor like’ sound leads you to the end of the track the stillness lingers on in the mind. The stillness however takes a backseat and a lot of flowing strings take you everywhere in the track, aplty titled everywhere. The ‘Azaan’  lifts the track and how! If there was any 2 minute track that left a mark, it is THIS!. Excellent! A playful start followed by equally set of violins is what constructs and deconstructs a beautiful (and light!) track titled construction deconstruction. If you are one for slow dance, this one would make you raise your hands and swivel

She wakes has a typical morning feel with gentle music arrangement throughout, She sleeps is a track that might trick you into believing that the music would be like a  lullaby. A hint of conflict, smartly conveyed a quick violin interlude changes the mood of the track. Smart! Very smart! She dreams is another track that plays on the senses because the violins single handedly manage to create many layers of thoughts and then it all fades away.

Circles start with a faint background music that resembles the sound of a moving locomotive engine. This is constant throughout the track. Bass guitar and violin create an eerie feeling and the track ends. She infects the longest track of the album (5:27 minutes). A lot of keyboard is used to good effect.There are good number of pauses in the track. My favorite part starts towards the end (around 4:35 mins onwards) the track picks up and then resigns. The last track 5483 is in sync with the reflective and thoughtful mood of the album. Excellent use of bass marks this track.

For those of us who have seen this film, this interepretation of the music of the film might not be correct but if you haven’t seen it, you will love the music CD of this. The music CD is made available to us by and you can buy the film from flipkart as well.

The music is composed by Karan Gour (who is the director of the film as well) an Siddharth Bhatia. The beauty of the album is that do what it may for the film, it makes up for an excellent ‘stand alone’ album as well. It’s one of the characters of the film that is sure to lead you to the film on repeated listening.

An O.S.T. worth being in your collection, by all means.


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