Ek tha tiger – Music review

Mashallah – (Composed by Sajid wajid) All the cliches start this song (a girl going ‘oh yalla’ and all that). The mood is truly Arabic and a ‘bhaijaan’ chrous makes no bones about the fact that the song is indeed for Bhaijaan to lazily walk in and out and do some actions in between, if he feels so. Shreya Ghosal is accompanying Wajid as lead vocals. Shreya’s voice is constantly in dual track. Weird but hum-worthy. A good deal of ‘brushing the vocals’ is done no doubt (in the mixing room) Hai na wajid? Plain lyrics. What else do you expect with bhaijaan films anyway? It’s one of those typical songs wherein a word is given (Mashallah in this case)  to the lyricist and she/he is asked to ‘manufacture’ a song around it.

Laapata – (Composed by Sohail sen) – Starts on a very familiar tune (and you can’t help but feel that you have heard it somewhere). Shreya Ghosal (Without any dual track this time). A carnival like setting and good lyrics (by Anvita dutt) ensure that the song is easy on ears (in spite of the liberal use of brass band). Surprisingly the song does absorb you and gets over quickly. Good arrangement and such a relief at that!

Banjaara – (Composed by Sohail sen) – A very filmy beginning to the song (With good amount of violin) takes us to Sukhwinder. Oh you have being missed! A chorus heavy song. The only good thing that I can ascertain is that may be this song plays a part in the narrative because the lyrics being simple as they are, the music arrangement is quite over the top at some places. Average. (Although music channels will push this down our throats in the days to come, for sure). Yes, the violin play is superb.

Saiyaara – (Composed by Sohail Sen) – Mohit chauhan gets grabs the microphone for this one. Clarinet and good bass accompanies him through the song. A song that has ‘tu hi tu (dil se)’ sort of backdrop and the accompanying singer Tarannum Malik does a decent enough job. The only good thing about Mohit chauhan is that it’s not one of those ‘lazy’ songs of his which ‘bollywood’ has overdosed on  off late. Nothing great.

Tiger’s theme – composed by Julius packiam doesn’t try and sound like any other theme music of a ‘superstar’ and is just a combination of ‘techno meets istanbul meets general music’ (which ultimately sounds a bit like Tees maar khaan opening music)!  A little more into the track and you can easily hear ‘Don (SRK)’ theme‘s elements in it. UFF!! Bhaijaan! Ye kaise hua?

The remixes are just passable with nothing much to write about.

Overall a below average album.

Rating –  1.5/5.00

My picks – For ‘bhai’ fans – mashallah and laapata

The only good thing that this album has is the fact that Sajid wajid have composed just ONE song. Thank you God, you still exist.


5 thoughts on “Ek tha tiger – Music review

  1. i wud give a minus5/5 rating for this soundtrack….its the worst a salman movie can have. even suryavanshi songs were better.

  2. The Banjara song violin piece is copied from an ARR tamil composition. The opening of the song is directly (& shockingly) lifted from “Dil Gira Dafatan” from Delhi-6.

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