1.Kandyaari Dhol Geet – Bohemia and Chakwal Group The techno beginning to this beautiful song might fool a below average listener like me into believing that this would be a ‘techno’ track (afterall Bohemia is said to be featured in this) but then the Chakwal group present us with the melodiously synced rendition of this song. The song has a sticky feel to it with simple beat arrangement and 1 minute in the song you can play the ‘table tabla’ along with the song knowing where the vocals will join the music and where they will stop. Bohemia gets behind the microphone towards the end and offers a completely different tone and emotion to the song (dare I say being repititive about how his own have ditched him and how they all just love money). What I seriously missed was perhaps 4 lines that chakwal group and Bohemia should have sung together! This is my favorite song from this episode but it came as a ‘turn by turn’ song rather than fusion. Disappointed because this was a great opportunity that went begging. (Imagine Chakwal group picking it up and leading the song to it’s conclusion! *sigh*)

2.Tora Bahraam Khaana – Hamayoon khan is back with pashto and this time what’s on offer is better 2 times over! This is because Hamayoon mixed 2 songs to perform. The song confirms to the more populist impression of ‘Pashtu’ music. No prizes for guessing that ‘Rubab’is the second voice of the song along with Hamayoon. The song stops momentarily and the pace slows down a bit but the melody remains. I am getting tired of mentioning the wonderful Zoe and Rachel. They are present in the entire song but 4 minute onwards, they are just too good. A splendid song by all means.

3. Dholna – Faint start (With gentle guitar and one more instrument. In this case, pale bells) to the song has become a trademark for cokestudio pakistan. Quite a routine like start to the song with the same feel that we have seen Atif pulling off easily in the past as well. The only thing is that the pace of the song is slow. I tried very hard to like the song (the reason for the delayed blog post, you might argue :)), but then am still on it.

4. Bolay – Uzair (as has mentioned in his interviews as well) likes to sing easy songs and this song is no different. Quite a college feel song. Excellent tempo and ‘hey hey’ in between. The song grew on me. Smartly, the song ends within 3 minutes. It generally becomes tough for the ‘upbeat’ mood to sustain (Without taking breaks). Quite a breeze, this song. Don’t look for ‘classical prowess’, you don’t need it in sweet songs like this one

5. Rung – Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad and party – The same qalaam is performed by Hadiqa in an earlier episode. While that version relies on a solo singer and heavy echoe, this version remains subtle (music wise) and relies on the excellent performers. Although more or less traditionally performed, this version has all the ingredients to appeal to the ‘Sup?’ as well as ‘how are you’? sort of people. It will be played a lot. Yes. Unlike some previous version by this duo this is not at all loud and is very very addictive. Super job!

Overall, an excellent episode again. Not a blast! But decent enough. The picks are Kandyaari geet, tohra bahraam khaana, Rung and Bolay.