Long back on ZEE TV there was this kids’ singing competition.

There was a visually challenged boy who was given a lot of encouragement because he could sing well. As much as I felt for the boy and his supportive and very very sweet) parents, There was a part of me that didnt like his constant high pitch singing. (Yes, I don’t sing and am quite old but I made bones about the kid nit singing well – I am an idiot like THAT!)

Cut to Indian Idol singers promo.

They were just streaming the voice and not showin pg the face of the singers. One of the voices that instantly hit me was of a guy called diwakar from delhi. He is singing ‘zara si dil mein dil jagah tu…zara sa apna le bana’

Today, they showed his face.

He is the same guy and NO dear Rohit, he isn’t singing high pitched! So there! A slap on your face.

What’s extremely good to see is the fact that the kid has grown up with the passion of music intact and has bettered himself so well

More power to you Diwakar, I know I will be watching the program now.

Minor typos would be in this post because I am just too excited!!