That’s me.

When it comes to music.

While I try very hard to nod along with the people who look down at film music (because it’s so ‘chalta hai’ sorts), I do enjoy film music off and on.

So when I saw everyone going overboard with this song, I told myself – ‘Typical middle path sort of a song with some usual ingredients- punjabi words, slow guitar and ‘Technologically controlled vocals’.

Boy! Am i Stupid or what? I am a bigger stupid than I would give myself credit for.

I have deprived myself of this lovely song and that’s why this post. Just abusing myself publicly (becuase, mera blog hai, jo marji likhu) :). (Special thanks to @navjoalive and @ManisshS for constantly reminding me that I am a dooooooooooffuussss if I haven’t heard this song.

Yes, It’s Pani da rang (film – vicky donor) I am talking about.

Excellent song…and I guess I forgot the basic tenet of arts…The moment we stop ourselves from accepting anything new (dismissing it as ‘the usual stuff’), we stop evolving. (kicks self 30 times)

Has a 90s feel but my fav. part in the song is when these lyrics come up

Kothe utte baihke
Aankhiyaan milaunde
Na jaana humein tu kabhi chorh
Tere utte marda
Pyaar tenu karda
Milega tujhe na koi aur

Tu bhi aa…sabko chod ke
Tu bhi aa…sabko chod ke
Meri aankhiyaan jo hanju rul de
Aankhiyaan jo anju rul de

And dear Ayushmann….superb!

Just too good.

Has been on the loop.

7 thoughts on “Rigid

  1. Its an awesome song and though I hate to be a spoil sport but the lyrics you posted have some mistakes. First of all its “Na jaana hamein tu kabhi chod”. Also its “hanju” not “anju”. Anju afaik does not mean anything in punjabi.

    Nevertheless, great you finally caught up with it.

  2. Rohit ,your post twisted my Thought about the song .Heartful it was!! thanks .song composed and sung by Ayushman makes it more interesting”Kamli ho gayi tere bina, Aaja raanjhan mere” and i feel like learning punjabi:))

    1. Thanks 🙂 i was just toooo stupid not to hear it earlier. Its not a ‘forever’ sort of a song but is certainly much better than most songs that pierce their way to our senses these days.

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