Ishaqzaade – Music review…Almost!

Somewhat weird promos and an over emotive ‘hero’ arrested the attention. May be YRF is trying hard to sound ‘raw’, I thought. I heard the album and well…

Ishaqzade – The title song (giving you an intense ‘Udaan’ sound) starts a gentle ‘bigoool’ starts the song in way as to tell us something big is about to happen and then javed ali comes at times thickening his voice to create an impact of seriousness and ‘something big’. The song goes to the top in grand style. The constant participation of ‘bigool’ is an excellent idea Amit Trivedi! Towards the end shreya ghosal comes and sings the lines better than Javed ali (especially the first 2 lines of ‘mukhda’. While javed ali takes excessive ‘vocal turns’, shreya keeps it simple, yet impactful). A superb start to the album.

Chokra jawaan – the song starts with male backup singers setting up a stage and Sunidhi chauhan coming in and doing what she has been doing all through….(isn’t it time for this lovely singer to choose better songs?). Vishal is also present in the song and unlike his style of singing, he has actually done a better job than Sunidhi in the song. My vote to vishal in this song. This song appeared very long to me and I wonder if it will be totally used in the film. Ok ok.

Jhalla wallah – a mix of mischief and classical singing prowess starts this song using shreya ghosal’s voice! Catchy from the word go (partly because of the lyrics and HUGELY because of excellent style of Shreya Ghosal), this song features ‘bulbul tarang’ (also called as indian banjo) along with a lot of harmonium. The ‘shayari’ style before every antraa is very desi and in this case…sweet! Super song! The naughty naughty style of ending the song has Amit trivedi written all over it.

Aafataon ke parindeSuraj jagan announces the song. It wll be a point to put in our CV if you dont get goosebumps when the song starts and a girl goes…’hat hat hat hat hat’! Excellent music arrangement. Excellent effect. Excellent everything. Divya Kumar at times sounding like Sukhwinder and at times singing like Tochi Raina is a good voice to watch out for, for sure! The only thing non excellent is that the song is too tooo tooo short. Well under 4 mins! My pick of the album! Yes we have heard similar songs in the past BUT this one stops. And goes BOOOOM! Am partial towards the song, i guess. Hear it and decide. A song not to be ignored (who knows you might even want to hate it, and that means the song is winning). Waking up the neighbors would never be the same again, with this song….also, DO NOT TRY THIS SONG WHILE DRIVING.

Pareshan pareshan pareshan pareshan – sung beautifully by shalmali kholgade. The song has love written all over it. The treatment is sweet. The music arrangement is amazing. There is nothing wrong about the song. The harmonium in the songs is actually a surprise because the setting is very soft ballad style, but then its the genius Amit Trivedi at work. So there!

Pareshan (remix) – unlike the other remixes these days that are filled with the intention of increasing the number of tracks ina CD, this one is innovative….having a trance feel to it. Cant compare this with the original version because it is REMIX you know! Super work by Abhijit vaghani.

Jhalla wallah (remix) – God knows why i always had a feel of ‘chotey motey shehron se hum to jhola utha ke chaley(bunty aur bubbly)’ right from the start. Anyway, the weakest track of the CD, this. Nothing much to write home about.

Special mention of Kausar munir, the lyricist, particularly for the song ‘hua chokra jawaan hai’  and the use of the word ‘lantraani’ in the same. Last time I heard lantraani in a song, was by mallika pukhraj n ‘abhi to main jawaan hu’…a song that is completely in contrast to this wacky one!

Anyway I have a major grouse with the makers of the film. They should have included another version of ‘aafaton ke parinde’….a mirror cracking, ear bleeding version. Not to say that the one in the album is less capable.

Amit Trivedi, welcome back.


 (goes back to play aafaton ke parinde….again!)

8 thoughts on “Ishaqzaade – Music review…Almost!

  1. @rohwit

    great work sir..
    would like to add this at your lyric i live of their singing..others tooo deserve to hear them out.


  2. exactly my thoughts about the aafto ke parinde starting track. But i liked the jhalla wallah remix too. And I never listen to remixes.

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