Agent Vinod – Music review

Jai Sri ram…I mean Sriram raghavan (Director of Agent Vinod)

Anything he gets associated with gets a lot of attention and rightfully so. As much as I was excited to see the teasers of Agent Vinod, I almost took it for granted that the music would be just a fixture and not a main attraction in the film (because let’s face it, ‘Action’ film mein music ka kya  kaam?)…We all remember how the music of action films has been marketed since time immemorial…’Original dialogues with 4 songs’ was a common byline in the audio cassettes of action films. Anyway, moving on. So I presumed, music would be below average.

Boy was I wrong or what?? (Yes, 2 question marks!)

Pungi – Pritam gives this a template which is quite similar to the ‘iconic’ song ‘Maine paidal se jaa ra tha unney cycle se aa ree thee’ (Iconic film – hero number 1, Iconic singers – poornima and Vinod rathod). The fun element is present in every beat of the song and the inconsistent genius Mika along with so many ‘Nautanki guys’ (Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nakash & Pritam) make this worth a listen and then listen once more! Earworm. Pakka! The ‘rap’ by Javed Jaffrey reminds you of salam namastey wala ‘EGJACTLY’ javed. It elevates the song in terms of BAKAR! Superb song! Mika is a genius for such songs. Without any question. The song shouts it out that it is penned by the ever so brilliant Amitabh!

I will do the talking – Yes, the ‘Rasputin’ wala gana! It isn’t a subtle inspired song but quite a bold copy of the song. No worries on that (It’s Pritam…come on!). Beats are neat and the accordion in between gives it a solid feel. The rap is hopeless in between and Neeraj Sridhar plays to the gallery (Can someone stop using Punjabi? No? Ok! just asked). According to me, the weakest song of the album.

Dil mera muft ka – The techno mujra starts with Nandini Shrikar’s intoxicating rendition of lovely lyrics by Neelesh misra. Accompanied, rather loudly by Muazzam Beg, Shadaab Faridi, Altamash Faridi, Shabaab Sabri…Nandini makes no bones about anything and gives good ‘Vocal Thumkas and jhatkas!’. 2 Thumbs up! Loved the use of Guitar and harmonium….just loved it.The song has an element of ‘Bollywood finality’ in it which is associated with the ‘climax’ sort of situation. Only if it was picturized well…

Raabta – Ok this song has too many versions (not that I am complaning!) and all the versions are equally good. You can’t help but feel this song has a good amount of ‘Ti Amo’ hangover, in a good way. Arijit Singh, Aditi singh sharma & Hamsika and joy have infused so much freshness in their respective versions that you will be in a quandry to put your finger to the most melodious amongst them all! The version by Shreya Ghosal is the most ‘Bollywood-ish’ amongst all and to me, it pales in comparison with the other versions.

Agent vinod Theme – O yea! Hell YEAH! The ‘racing heartbeat’ start to the track will remind you of the opening music of the johny gaddar title song, in a good way. While the news readers in the background tell you that they are grabbing alll the dreaded criminals thanks to Agent Vinod, a bold and ‘in your ears’ guitar steals the thunder and you can picture racing cars and everything exploding! The brass band plays something that sounds like a mix of Mission impossible and the bond theme. Hell I don’t care, I have it as my ringtone already! No prizes for guessing this tops the list of my picks in this superb album!

The remixes

Remixes are so many! Surely to ‘fill up the CD’.

Anyway…the remix of ‘I will do the talking’ is routine and nothing exciting but am sure these factors aren’t important when any song is played on a dance floor. Could be a hit with the DJ’s, you never know! The Pungi remix ‘performed’ (not sung..performed) by Mika Singh, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Nakash & Pritam is again very routine and very ‘bollywood remix’ sort of  presentation. I was looking forward to the remix of this song in the hope of getting some extra smart lyrics…sadly I got nothing.

The remix of Dil mera muft ka stands out and how! the Awadhi & Bhojpuri Singer Malini Awasthi gets rolling from the word go and delivers a very ‘UP-Bihar friendly’ (in terms of singing style and music arrangement). Will surely go unnoticed thanks to the other version (filmed on weirdly dressed Kareena Kapoor). This version should have been called ‘UP-Bihar’ version. Why add ‘jhankaar beats’ and call it a remix especially in an album which has too many versions of Raabta?

Anyway, Pritam scores a boundary with this album  The film appears to be fast paced and listening to the songs, you get a feeling that the same will not stall the same. Good! Very Good!

My picks – All the songs EXCEPT –  I will do the talking (Both versions didn’t click at all)

As @sukanyaverma  pointed out when we were discussing the music of kahaani…It’s better if a film’s OST compliments the movie and not overshadows it by being a ‘super duper stand alone music album’ and that’s the reason I like this album. very much. The OST smells of an action packed FAAAADU movie!

Wah wah Ram ji!

Rating – 4.00/5.00

10 thoughts on “Agent Vinod – Music review

    1. And I can never get over the fact that they had to title the other song as ‘remix’ when this kareena song sounds like a remix and the other one by malini awasthi sounds like a true mujra with good instrument tones.


  1. I would have to disagree with you for the time since I’ve been following your blog-posts. Except the “Agent Vinod Theme” which is seriously KICKASS, I didn’t find any of the other tracks to be anything above mediocre…. But i agree with you the OST must not overshadow a film especially when it’s an action movie… And in that measure the AV music fares well.. And yes I so want this movie to be good… kyunki Raghavan ji is our only hope in this genre{worth mentioning here is that he is BAAP of all Thriller makers}… and i so don’t want him to Fail !!

    1. Thank GOD we disagreed on something! Since i have reviewed it as an OST, I couldnt help but go ga ga :). The film has a smell of a bumper hit…let’s see! cheers!

  2. Ok,
    this soundtrack has been catching my attention since a week now..
    this works as it’s quite catchy
    i must confess i have been humming ,muft ka ,pungi and raabta since last few days. 🙂
    Now, raabta.. is that ash king?? or arjit singh are they same?
    very te-amoish and i love u from bodyguard like.
    But still it’s well penned.
    I tried the mujra remix on your recco,liked it more than the original due to the consistent beat.
    However , rasputin rehash and other songs don’t work for me.
    Pungi is fun almost another dil mai baji guitar for mika.

    Not a ‘kaaljayi’ kind of music but one of the better ones from pritam.

    Well writen rohwit bhai.


  3. I’ve seen a lot of International movies and my attention is always focused on the soundtrack. And I can say that is the most super soundtrack ever! In Holland we did a spinning class on the mindblowing AV-theme. Pritam is a genius and has great feeling to serve the right dosis, which gives the overal result a high repeating value. Well done!

  4. Dil mera Muft ka is very similar to Lollywood song by Naheed Akhtar- Tha Yakeen ke ayegi yeh rataan kabhie. Meera performed to it on lux style awards. No way has the song a Bollywood feel!

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