AgneePath – Music review

Yes, it’s here. The much awaited (Ok not much awaited album but what the heck!). Let’s hear it all out shall we?

1. Chikni Chameli – A rehash of a popular Marathi Song. Yep no points for guessing it because the beginning is pleasantly very very ‘Marathi’. Never been a fan of such songs but have to give it where it’s due so Ms. Shreya Ghosal, take a bow. The cheeky lyrics are superbly sung by Shreya and for once she is not trying too hard to convey ‘look how sweet I sound’. Kudos to Shreya for this song. Just listen to her when she says ‘Pauuwa’. Every time.

2. O Saiyyan – Beautiful start to an interesting track with Piano and in comes Roop kumar Rathod accompanied by a group of soothing background singers. The song has a pinch of ‘Saware’ (shor in the city) in the beginning, but a very theatrical song otherwise. A song which talks about pain. Lots of it. The heavy violins featuring in every antraas add up to the theatrical feel of the song. I love the way Roop Kumar’s voice echoes. The song starts with a lot of promise but fails somewhere in between. My view.

3. Gun Gun Guna – Hello Sunidhi chauhan! Err wait! Why the song is so below average right from the start? Wait wait! Please lift it up. Ok. Failed! No problem. We know you are capable of much more. The song is an attempt to be the ‘Why so serious?’ item in the film. Might work. Didn’t for me. Udit Narayan is present just for the sake of it.

4. Shah Ka Rutba – Qawwali like starting and Sukhwinder confirms that it is a song to praise a human being as he is the special one to be blessed by the powers that be. Anand Raaj Anand & Krishna Beura give a good support to Sukhwinder and try their best to lift the song. The song is supposed to be ‘inspirational’. It might look like a treat on the screen and grown then, not now. Again, my view.

5. Abhi Mujh meinSonu Nigam! An instrument light beginning with Sonu nigam taking the song to the peak and then calming things down almost instantly. Powerful lyrics and the tune which is similar in some respects to the track sung by Roop Kumar Rathod. Still one can actually visualize a pained Male Protagonist looking back in time and breathing, or at least trying to. Do catch the slow tabla and how it flirts with Sonu Nigam in the second antraa. Post the title song of Kal ho na ho, this is the song that would surely be a career milestone for Sonu Nigam and rightfully so. My pick of this album. Quite simply.

6. Deva Shree Ganesha – Yes, the anticipation of it all! Loads of chanting and an explosion of nagadas and other ‘Arti’ like instruments. Atul Β sorry it is Ajay.Β Error pointed out rightly by the @mpmainka in the comment section.Β (One of the music directors for this film) goes behind the mic and blares it out, in style. The music setting is shouting only two things – Blood and revenge. The last 56 seconds of this song is what will remind us all of the iconic Aarti in the film Vaastav, the difference however is that in Vaastav, the male protagonist starts his final ‘run’ to hide from his adversaries, in the case of AgneePath the male protagonist will take his enemies HEAD ON! This difference comes out quite clearly in the last 56 seconds. Good job!

To be fair to this album, how many of us remember the songs of AgneePath 1? I remember ‘Ali baba…mil gaya chalees choron mein’ and nothing else (I am not talking about the iconic poetry of the film because that belongs to another league completely).

If we give some allowance to the fact above, the soundtrack isn’t all that bad. Ajay Atul (music directors) are definitely here to stay and the Lucknow lad Amitabh Bhattacharya (Lyricist) is a boon to the hindi film industry.

Not a musical treat but certainly worth a ‘listen’



24 thoughts on “AgneePath – Music review

  1. How could you not remeber i am m.a nariyal paniwala from original Agneepath.
    But any way nice review . Gun Gun Guna is surely a letdown.

  2. my first the album released and available in market..second if yes then Ajay’s name should be on cover for the song “Deva Shree Ganesha”…

  3. As always agree with your re’view’. I would give it a 3.5 if they remove ‘Gun Gun Guna’. Lucknow lad you write well.One can relate to it easily. Keep writing. Cheers! πŸ™‚
    And you don’t say anything against Shreya Ghoshal. She is sweet. Okay? :p

    1. Rahul I could finally come here to reply (was crying since the time I read your comment) πŸ™‚

      That’s why the blog is called ‘almostareview’

      Also Am just a follower of cinema, not a ‘critic’

      Smile now!

  4. i loved saiya song more than chikni chameli.priyanka and hritik make lovely pair.priyanka looks more beautiful than kareena despite the dull saree and withoutmake up.

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