Ae Dosheeza – Kshitij Tarey

This album has come out long time back I guess. Still it’s my blog I will write whatever I want to 🙂

Jokes apart, Kshitij Tarey (KT) has been a favorite because of the sheer ease with which he sings. While I continue to hum the track number 3 and 4 (which are the pick of this album for me), I urge you to listen to this album at least once. This is a voice we must all encourage.

1. O Meri jaane jaan – Starts off like a typical Bollywood ‘i am in love and the world is pink’ mood. The lyrics are smoothly woven with the music. KT has sung some of the best mellow tracks I have ever heard (Tose naina lage in Anwar, Madno in Lamha, Dhol yaara in Dev D and so on..) so I was expecting him to sound like a ‘wannabe romantic singer’ but to my pleasant surprise, KT has embraced the song like his second skin and comes out a winner. A good song for hang outs and group singing in outings as well.

2. Ae Dosheeza – Dosheeza means a girl. Yes. Ok that aside now let me tell you about this soothing song which has a sweet setting with continuous drums and guitar. The song is just like many other ‘in love’ songs which we have heard off late. Still there is something incredibly sweet about the song. It is KT and his voice. Not an easy song to sing but KT in his characteristic ease makes it sound simple and easy!

3. Yaad piya ki aaye – From the beginning you are aware that this is a version of the old classic thumri which has been sung by everyone from Bade Ghulam ali Khan, Ajoy Chakraborty to Shubha Gurtu. Still the near jazz like setting, liberal use of electric guitar and splendid singing by KT will make you believe that innovation in music can be the best thing after music itself. A superlative track by all means. All it needs is a good music video to showcase an old classic to the present generation of listeners (Even if they feel this is the only version ever sung!). Kudos to this track!

4. Saanware – Starts off with light guitar and alaap Saanware is another version of the popular song by Roop Kumar rathod for the film ‘Shor in the city’. In the film version, you can easily find KT as a background singer who sings ‘Teri Justjoo’. Here he gets in front and gets a lead. Rightfully so. What a pleasure to hear the less imposing vocals of KT in comparison to Roop kumar Rathod who has also sung this song but is not half as soothing as KT. The pace of the song is adorable. Just hear it to know why I have compared KT and Roop Kumar rathod (who I like a lot otherwise). KT whispers, Roop kumar Rathod tries too hard. Too loud.

5. Bullleh no Samjhawan – A nomadic vibe and a desert feel dawns on you when this song starts. KT then comes up in Punjabi. A song that has strong spiritual message. In comparison to the rest of the album, this song fails in touching the right chords. I didn’t like it. You might. Do give it a listen. The only thing I liked in this song was the ease of pronounciation and modulation by KT (especially in the first antraa).

6. Ae Dosheeza (Remix) – Oh How I dislike remixes! This remix though is not all that bad. Starts like a lounge version with KT’s voice echoing. The song is a revelation! The only grouse against remixes stems out of the fact that most composers play a pre recorded ‘uniform beat’ track and hash the vocals. This version stops…turns and does a head stand! A good club track! Loved it. Yes. I did.

7. O Meri jaan-e-jaan (Remix) – This is what I was talking to you about. A uniform beat with vocals thrown in. Not a great effort. Very Mundane. Not worth writing much about it. Tries too hard to be a ‘remixed’ version ends up sounding pale and dull.

All and all a very good album. Have always been a big fan of KT and this album just cements my view about his work. I just hope he comes out with good videos (Sad as it is, such are the times we live in that – Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai). I can’t wait to hear more from Kshitij Tarey….Can you?

4 thoughts on “Ae Dosheeza – Kshitij Tarey

  1. I think I’ll get this album. Also, have you heard Bulley nu samjhavan by Abida parveen ji? and one similar song from that pakistani movie khuda kay liye? you must have. if not, ill send over. 🙂

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