Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster – Music review (and a loud Brrrrrrruuuaaaaah!)

1. Right from the word go, You know what you will be getting from jugni, a quick pace superb dance number. Thanks to hindi film music, we always imagine a punjabi song to be ‘dance and balley balley’  and while some songs try very hard to be ‘different’ but this one is what i will call a ‘genre definining’ punjabi! Do give an ear to the wonderful lyrics…they are not just brrruah! They are telling you about a character! Instant favorite…unlikely to fade for a long time and certainly a ‘Deeejay’ hit oye!

Lot of so called ‘stars’ will lust after this song wishing it was pasteurised on them.The Inlay credits lyrics to Sandeep Nath & Babbu Mann and it’s very very easy to find out who has penned this one, it is the singer…Babbu mann!

2. Chu chu – Ok the title of the song gives you some ideas? They are all wrong. Sung by Parthiv Gohil(Recently featured in Coke studio India version and has sung for saawariya as well among other songs), this one is a soft ‘by the guitar’ song accompanied with soft chorus. A very Sonu-Nigam-ish song but Parthiv Gohil does a very good job in melting with the music like someone hopelessly in love…Must mention that the ‘Yes!’ in between the song is a bit different and might not be appreciated by everyone. It gives you a feel of ‘digressing’ from the mood but then, it could be situational, so let’s leave the jury out on this one till the film hits theatres.

3. Main ek bhanwara Shail ‘Sawariya’ hada comes back and hums along a medious song with a lot of classic instruments like mouth organ, voilin (And an almost continuous electric flute in the background). The pronunciation of each word is stressed and you will easily notice it in this song. I am itching to put this here that this song in the middle has a ‘theatrical’ sound to it which is welcome. All and all a good song. Not a dramatically melodious effort though. Might grow on the listeners.

4. Raat mujhe – An echoing Shreya Ghosal complains of the night teasing her with a song setting which is beautifully classical and melodiously a work of fusion. A very stop and go guitar gives company to Shreya. Easily a song very good on ears. Has a very ‘tumhein yaad kartey kartey’ (from the film – amrapali) feel to it. Very much recommended. Guess it is raga kalavati….not sure (damn! i should read and learn music)

5. Sahib bata hatilaAnkit and vipin get behind the microphone to deliver easily one of the best songs of this year so far in terms of playing with innovative sounds. The song is a narrative (won’t bbe surprised if it is featured during the opening credits). I have a thing for this kind of innovation so I will be totally biased towards this song but you should not believe me,  check it out for yourself. 2 Thumbs up!

6. Arif  lohar – Ankhian – Oh wait! did I interchange the title of the song and the artist name? Ah well! This song has the ‘jogi’ from pakistan Arif lohar who tells us a thing or two about a ‘mistake’ called as love. This is no ‘Jugni ji’, its a song with a painful undertone. Just so happy to hear such a song after ages in a hindi film. Pure punjabi might be a put off for few but your soul is likely to identify with the haunting tune of the song. In love with this song. TOTALLY.

7. I love to love you – Jazz is it? well I won’t know since I have no music sense anyway. Her highness Rekha Bharadwaj comes and rocks you like ONLY SHE CAN. The first two lines will catch you off guard not only by the words used but the way Rekha Bharadwaj speaks! The way Rekha says ‘arey bolo’ (and the chorus follows) will remind you of crowd regulating ‘JOR SE BOLO’ used to be said which was eventually followed by – JAI MATA Di..!!  A north Indian thumka with Jazz!! Bhains ki Poonch this is Oh-so-beautiful! An all time PHAVORITE ho gaya hai bas ji!

8. Chu chu (Accoustic) – A more fast paced version (of course decorated with accoustics!) has Parthiv Gohil going hysterical at times and repeating the irritating ‘Yes!’ in between the antraas. Didn’t touch me much but am sure it will have it’s audience. It’s not painfully long and fades peacefully.

Concluding thoughts – An awesome album worth a buy. 6 out of 8 songs stand out demand your attention which is a bloody awesome score! This album has done one thing…made me more impatient about seeing this movie. If the movie delivers half of what the music promises, it will be a riot and a good one at that!

*Goes back to play Jugni*


1. Grammatical mistakes aplenty..Pliss excuse because I was getting blown away by this album as I was typing this write up

2. Do not check the ‘tags’ I have put in for this blog post 🙂

and lastly….Brrrrrrrrrrrrrruaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


4 thoughts on “Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster – Music review (and a loud Brrrrrrruuuaaaaah!)

    1. This is what happens when one writes a review in 20 mins. 😦 The composers who are credited with this wonderful sound are Composer : Amit Sial, Sunil Bhatia, Jaidev Kumar, Anuj Garg, Abhishek Ray, Ankit Tiwari & Mukhtar Sahota

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