GhazalJeet singh – Live in Bombay 16 September 2011

Yet another concert ticket! So we went to listen to Jagjit Singh (I went to be awestruck because he is GOD). Anyway, here is a ghazal by ghazal update of the evening.

The signature ‘alaaps’ before all the ghazals were present so I will spare the reader those details.

1. The concert was kick started by the superb ghazal from the album ‘face to face’ , Zindagi tuney lahu le ke diya kuch bhi nahin. The crowd almost erupted when GhazalJeet Singh sang this antra – ‘mere in haathon ki chaho to talashi le lo, mere haathon mein lakeeron ke siwa…kuch bhi nahi’

2. Denewaley mujhe maujon ki rawani de de – Since the guitarist was not the regular one, the ghazal started with GhazalJeet singh trying to bring him up to A-Minor note..quite hilarious because you could see GhazalJeet Singh hand-holding the poor fellow who was obviously nervous. Quite a non-massy ghazal so most of the people were applauding it on a ‘per stanza’ basis. Treat to hear…to say the least.

3. Dosti jab kisi se ki jaaye – From the album ‘In search’ was the next one on the line. If you have heard this ghazal already, you would have been surprised because GhazalJeet Singh completely changed the tune and enthralled the audience. He even mentioned ‘Ye tune abhi banayi hai’. One stanza which speaks of ‘maut ka zeher hai fizaon mein’ was introduced by Jagjit singh ji as – ‘This one is for environmental pollution’ . Idiots like me had a huge grin. 🙂

4. Apni aag ko zinda rakhna kitna mushkil hai – A soulful ghazal, very relevant to the times we live in was haunted even more by the immaculate flute player who literally held the senses hijacked. Pity I missed out on music introductions as I was too busy ogling at Jagjit singh when the intro was happening.

5. Dil ke deewaro dar pe kya dekha – Originally a duet with Chitra Singh, GhazalJeet singh sang this keeping the original tune intact. Teri aankhon mein humne kya dekha, kabhi Qatil kabhi Khuda dekha…..And the auditorium exploded! Funny incident – GhazalJeet singh pointed out – Bhai Air condition On kar do (in between ghazal) and the auditorium resonated with a thunderous applause.

6. Koi Mausam – Another ghazal from ‘Face to face’ marked yesterday by an amazing guitarist was the next one in line. Again, GhazalJeet singh kept the original tune with some alaaps and minor changes in between.

7. Mai pila kar aapka jayega – Yet again a ‘rare and non-massy’ offering by GhazalJeet singh which was kept intact (tune wise) and was applauded per stanza by the crowd! The ‘ace’ Abhinav upadhyay (on Tabla) flirted with the flute and the result was a superb jugalbandi in between.

8. Pyar ka pehla khat – Another one from the album ‘Face to face’ but a relatively popular ghazal met with a thunderous applause, right from the beginning and throughout!

9. Medley – Began with tumko dekha to ye khayal aaya and for a minute we couldn’t hear anything thanks to whistles and loud cheers (No No I didn’t cheer..I just whistled…elegant no?) As has been very typical of GhazalJeet singh, he gestured to the audience to sing with him and thats it! The hall was humming, singing and swaying to the magician…(and my neighbor on the other side shouted in my ears – ONCE MORE), thats when Hothon se chu lo tum was woven into the ghazal and towards the end the punjabi geet ‘Mitti da bawa’ was introduced only to be taken back to hothon se chu lo tum and end it…quite a super normal experience for ghazalJeet singh fans.

10. Sarakti jaye hai rukh se naqaaab – Couldn’t hear much of this ghazal because the crowd (and yours truly was a part of it) was singing along, cheering, clapping and…well dancing! In the stanza Shab-e-furkat ka jaaga hu fairshton ab to soney do, GhazalJeet singh just mentioned – My dad used to snore so loudly that he used to wake up on his own sound of snores…(and then he snored on the mic!)

11. Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho – Which concert can be complete without this gem? Yet again, it was welcomed with a thunderous applause and some not required singing by the crowd. Sigh! fans I tell you! The champion on the keyboards made his presence felt and how!

12. Wo kagaz ki kashti – Self explanatory. If it isn’t, you don’t listen to good ghazals. You should, really.

13. Hoshwalon ko khabar – Yes, Yes Yes!! were the screams all around. The guitarist was having the same hairdo as mine (baldy) and Jagjit singh told him on the stanza – ‘khulti zullfon ne sikhai mausamo ko shayari – This stanza is for you…and the crowd erupted. Easily the most participated ghazal of the evening… There was a part in one of the ghazals where GhazalJeet singh mixed it with dekho sakhi piya rooth gaye hain as well…and I am yet to find words to describe how good it was.

It was just an amazing evening and this is not a ‘review’ not even ‘almost’. If you get any negative vibes about the concert from this write up, trust me the fault is totally and ONLY mine

Jagjit Singh, thank you for allowing us to exist in the same era in which you chose to enthrall us all…

Your servant, forever


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