While the world media (especially the sadistic lobby) is busy writing about how SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR (Name in CAPS – ALWAYS) hasn’t scored a 100 in Lord’s yet, hand on heart, I don’t think it matters. SACHIN has achieved more than what some cricket teams of 11 would never be able to. Cleanly.

Took this pledge way back that I shall never blog about GOD #SachinisGod because I can’t cage his description in words but here I am…

Keeping it short on the day when India shall be coming out to reply to England’s well made score  (478 is it?), I don’t give a damn if SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR makes a 100 or not. The fact is he is GOD and shall always remain so. Eeven Andaz apna apna doesn’t make me laugh as much as when I hear/read people say the sentence which has ‘SACHIN struggles….’ (Ha ha! really? struggles? Go and see some cricket boy!)

Like a recent Wall street Journal article quoted Shane warne saying – There is SACHIN and then there is daylight

See this article being categorized under ‘music’ section of my blog. You know why? Only SACHIN and music can touch my soul and make me cry when I am overflowing with happiness

No, I am not a fan boy of SACHIN….I am just a worshipper and if you don’t know what’s the difference, it is useless to try and make an effort to understand…


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