Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

Today is the birth anniversary of the guy who was much ahead of his times…Just three pieces which put his real self in perspective and to some extent the way his life panned out professionally and personally. All these are from the film Pyaasa

1. Yes hanstey huye phool….Aptly puts the pain which Gurudutt experienced all while. ‘Main du bhi to kya du tumhein ae shokh nazaron, le de ke mere paas kuch aansu hain kuch aahein‘. Do not miss the immediate dialouge exchange which gurudutt has with a publisher after this nazm. Aptly describes the way he struggled.

2. Tang aa chuke hain kashmakash-e-zindagi se hum – World asks him to sing a ‘happy’ couplet after giving him all the troubles possible. Ironical?

3. Jinhe naaz hai hind par wo kahan hain – Resolutely puts the India of those days (India of this day and age is no better mind you)…A touching piece which can shake anyone

Salute you Guru dutt sahab…like you there was never anyone…and there will never be anyone.



One thought on “Happy birthday Gurudutt ji

  1. Did I tell you I watched this movie last weekend when I went home. Me and mom together watched it ! And after the movie , I heard the song “jinhe naaz hai hind par” .. in loop with the video ! what really stunned me was the depth and pain in the song so many years back .. and we say we have become so much worse now .. sigh ! every line of that song hurt ..

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