An Indian band called Sifar – Music review

While we engage in bashing and then appreciating the recent coke studio sessions at MTV, allow me to introduce a desi group (who I won’t be surprised to see in coke studio India in the coming days). They have released 3 tracks on June 18. More about them  later. Let’s dissect the music shall we?

Roko na – Soft notes suddenly introduce you to a heavy dose of guitar which isn’t bad to ears honestly. Then Amit comes in syncing his pace well with the beats to announce he is looking for his way amidst all the confused priorities and has to unlearn whatever is taught. What stands out (apart from a beautiful bass and guitar treatment) is Amit (who appears flat in the beginning but later in the song takes on the music setting head on and never leaves the pace.) Kudos! Loved it. The music setting of this song is superb. The song ends on the same soft notes which opened this song! Thumbs up!

Gunah – Heavy bass (reminding u about the opening notes of ‘tanhayee’ from dil chahta hai) is accompanied by a loud but not out of tune guitar and in comes Amit. The tune of this song has more variations than the roko na, but I felt the heavy orchestra over shadows the song mid way. May be they will check it before going off beta. In spite of being a guitar heavy composition, this song is super cool on ears (not on those who have a ‘set’ definition about music…pity them)

Main Jaunga – Soft start with drums (and mild guitar) are almost immediately Amit gets behind the microphone and drives the song. The best worded song in my opinion amongst the 3 songs. Also, the song has a very ‘udaan’ feel to it (not in tune but in essence if you know what I mean). Undoubtedly the best worked upon song of the 3 (Did I just repeat myself? well the song has that impact)

All the songs will have a good repeat value but the one which should hit the ground running might be – Main Jaunga (but then in this time and age, lot of it all depends on music video as well…sadly).

All and all, a super offering by Sifar. I am not Angreji (English) music literate. I don’t care if a note here or a note there is matching with a song there or a note somewhere else. The most important thing for me was to hear this ‘sound’ coming out of desi artists.

Remember, it is very easy to dismiss any effort but it takes guts to make one…hear it you will know what I mean

My rating – 4/5

Some notes (reproduced from the official website –

“Gunah”, and “Main Jaunga” written and composed by Amit Yadav

“Roko Na Mujhe” written and composed by Anshul Bansal

Vocals, Guitars, Synths, and Keys performed by Amit Yadav

Bass on “Roko Na Mujhe”, and “Main Jaaonga” performed by Yapang Lemtur

Drums on “Roko Na Mujhe”, and “Main Jaaonga” performed by Deepak Singh 

Programmed, and Arranged by Amit Yadav

Mixed by Gaurav Dayal 

Producer: Amit Yadav

Executive Producer: Gaurav Dayal

Music Label:  Beatfactory Music

14 thoughts on “An Indian band called Sifar – Music review

  1. Rohwit! I found the first song kinda very much like some of the popular english song.. so I did jump on the high horse and thot well there u go copy cat.. but I couldnt agree with you when you say you need guts to do something like they have..

    My fav remains.. ‘Gunah’

    Oh and kudos of the lyrics.. simple and yet nowhre is it outta sync with music.. and yeah.. loud guitar kinda raises the tempo beautifully!

    1. Hey M!

      Yep you need guts to launch yourself, more so these days when anyone with a computer and internet connection (like me) declares himself a ‘music blogger’ :(. That’s why the effort is worth an applause. Am sure they will take all the feedback and will rock it more.

      Am not a rock alternate aficionado but I loved the sound


  2. oh yes they are good……unless they start some gr8 marketing campaigns as well…..the major of west artists(many of them cant even sing properly) success is mainly due to heavy focus on marketing……..concert here concert there; not just in colleges or fests but individual concerts……..hiring stadiums and stuff…….we need to support them guys as rock revolution is still to come in India………more n more people should try to study music production or something like that and start publishing and marketing mainstream rock in India asap.

    1. I liked your comment a lot. It’s all about marketing these days and if singers by chance can sing, even better. Hope Sifar scores on that part as well. Something in me tells they will…afterall they have supporters like you!


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