Coke Studio India hits and misses!

Did manage to write a bit about it and have posted it here


Please see it to know what I feel about it and do leave your comments


6 thoughts on “Coke Studio India hits and misses!

  1. It’s not even about Sufi music. I don’t think coke studio Pakistan promotes only sufi, because there are so many examples of other songs toh kya hua or Zeb and Haniya’s rona chor diya that arent sufi. though sufi happens to be a mainstay. I think mtv just messed it up and made everything so noisy, there was no build up on the music, the singers voices were drowned in the heavy orchestration in most of the songs. and it was like we were on a spree to prove that we had more languages than Pakistan does. They just need to take it slow and easy and not have old Hindi songs fused with some regional folk songs.
    P.S- Tochi raina’s song was the most uninspiring. Even though I wanted to like I couldn’t. His improvisations here and there spoiled it even more.

    1. Partially agree with you Arvind..but I can’t seem to get what does a build up to music mean? No one is competing with anyone buddy. It’s just an extension of music thats all 🙂

  2. Agree with you completely. I don’t want to compare and see which one’s better. music is music is music.
    What I meant by a build up was that, like with certain songs they could create a certain level of anticipation with just one instrument being played or just a singer performing without any music first. That would at least add an element of surprise and some novelty; instead of cramming it up with all instruments being played in the beginning. I desperately want like cokestudio@mtv just as much as i love coke studio Pakistan. I’m hoping it just gets better.

  3. Needs a better musician than whoever is producing this. There is simply a lot of western instrumentation but with no thought behind it. Of course, Pakistan’s Coke Studio have a genius in Rohail (just listen to Dannah pe Dannah – absolutely fabulous) but I am sure a proper musician could do more.

    Most of the fusion attempts in the Indian seem to have been to simply sing 2 songs together with a lot of drums and guitar. Maybe it is also being hampered by “star” names. I mean, a whole show on Shakar M? Although there are things that work better or worse on the Pak Studio, I think a lot more time is spent thinking about and working on each song and its music. And as much as I like Kailash Kher, there suerly must be other singers in the country??

    But hopefully all the big names will go away in time and Coke Studio MTV will be able to leave us gasping as Arif & Meesha did with Alif Allah Chambey or Naina de Akhey Lage

  4. Bawa, respectfully disagree with you and perhaps my replies are going to come over via another blog post, but isn’t it interesting that you mentioned the songs which were not a part of season 1 or 2?

    Think about it from a perspective of the guys who have no background of coke studio pakistan

    It takes more to create than to criticse, so let’s wait a bit more to see where it goes shouldn’t we?

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