Having grown up watching Doordarshan (and bashing it shamelessly!), I remember how we used to sit and wait for Byomkesh Bakshi, (In those times, there were NO repeats. Yes it is true.). Sometimes, they would end Byomkesh bakshi as ‘to be continued….’. My God knows that the entire week used to be so difficult to pass.

Then cable TV happened and the era of  film songs in TV serials and ‘repeats done to death’ arrived.  TV, they said would never be the same again. Sadly, they were right. I never got around having the same excitement about Wednesday because Byomkesh Bakshi was off air and channel flipping was in vogue.

Same can be said about the way music has evolved in ‘our times’ . Remixes came and went. Horrible 80s and dull 90s killed any good sound if it did not relate to films. While off late music in our country and grown out of ‘Bollywood’, there hasn’t been a platform which aims at promoting the spirit of our country. The beauty of varied sounds from different parts of India…The serenity of a pure voice.

Then came Coke Studio.

Music has never been the same. Our neighbors got the taste of it first and boy! haven’t we all lusted to get a drop of it as well! Purists will dismiss it (may be), Idiots will review it but Music addicts (for whom music is not a form of ‘entertainment’ but a pure form of expression) will indulge in it. Can’t wait to experience the legends (some known some unknown) jamming together…can’t wait for the new artists to showcase their talents…Just cant wait.

With Coke studio at MTV hitting the screens today, I can sense the same excitement as I used to when Byomkesh bakshi used to be on air.

How about you?

Coke studio at mtv airs in less than an Hour from NOW!