Shaitan – Film review (No spoilers)

Ok Since the movie is yet to hit the theatres, I won’t spill any beans, so you can read this quickly and then head straight to watch the film if you wish to.
The story
Much has already been talked about the story and how it is inspired by the real events. Events. Yes. It’s not just ‘a’ event this film takes as a backdrop but a string of events, all woven beautifully to shock you at times. You can almost smell a rock solid script at the heart of this project. I wonder why the director (Bejoy nambiar) had so much trouble in convincing production houses. Oh wait! I know…it’s because you don’t get a scope for inserting ‘item songs’ and senseless humor…yea may be that’s why.

The actors

Everyone is top notch with a special mention for Kalki. You feel at times she is over doing it a bit but I feel that’s because her character demands it. Clearly an author backed role here. Amongst others, Shiv, Gulshan, Neil and kirti were good as well. Rajiv Khandelwal effortlessly looks awesome and navigates through many conflicts (some inner…some external) throughout the film in a manner only he can. I was given into thinking initially that may be a Jimmy shergil (of A wednesday) would have looked better but then as the film unfolds, I slapped myself twice for thinking that. There are other actors I want to mention, but I am leaving them purposefully (especially shomu) who will bring a smile to your face the moment you see them on the screen

The style

Yes, the ishhtyle! From the word go, there is a generous diisplay of ‘style’ Be it the catchy opening of the film or Khoya khoya chand bit. See it to know what I mean about it.  You haven’t seen anything like this so far. Trust me on that.

The direction, editing, screenplay and all the other technicalities which I don’t understand but feel I am wise enough to comment upon

Too much time is not spent in spoon feeding the audience about each and every character of the film, yet you know everyone just 20 minutes in the film. Such is the pace and treatment of the script. I loved the narrative all throughout…oh how I wish I can go on and on here mentioning at least 2 incidents but then I wont…Go and see it! You won’t be seeing a ‘typical’ character who will abuse, a ‘typical’ character who is cool because he is silent most of the times, you won’t see a ‘I know it all because I have author backed role’ dude as well. Bejoy Nambiar does not present you a sugar coated experience. The film is real and disturbing at times. Superb work by Bejoy!

I could’t help but feel that the second half is a bit dragged and gets a little tiring towards the end.

The music

Have already reviewed the music and have thanked God (Anurag Kashyap) for it. Music is a character in the film no doubt. I did not like the palcement of ‘Yaara’ song in the film at all and I did miss ‘Nasha’.

To conclude

Overall, a gutsy film with disturbing undertones and a stylish presentation. You see so much crap is ‘ready’ for your eyes in the name of entertainment and then you come across a film like shaitan..what a contrast! With makers like Anurag Kashyap, there is hope and Thank God for it!!

Must watch!

3 thoughts on “Shaitan – Film review (No spoilers)

  1. I envy you R. I envy you a lot. >.<

    But net net, lovely review and I am glad there were no spoilers.
    I can't wait to see the hard hitting reality Mr.Nambiar is gonna serve us this friday.

  2. hmm the review pushes me more to watch the film this weekend…let me get the seats now!!

    thnks for a nice and open review!!!!

    keep writing!

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