1. Kab tak giney– Yes it is the electric guitar with quick tempo drums…what else do we expect from a movie with SEL (shankar ehsaan loy) these days. Ok Ok it does add a little bit of youth quotient to the sound of it.  Shankar mahadevan, Joi and Suraj Jagan sing this one. The sudden tempo rising…group singing…although it might look good in the movie, sounds incredibly mundane and predictable..and you can’t help but go *sigh* so typical!  Still it’s an ideal song to be sung in groups…especially if you are on a bus/road trip

2. Paint it red– Yet again, faint vocals which gain momentum along with a….guess what? Yes electric guitar! Yet another run of the mill SEL song with Vishal Dadlani in it behind the microphone. I might get a lot of abuses for this but then these days Vishal Shekhar & SEL have been hopelessly predictable and you can’t help but feel it is Vishal dadlani with severe ‘adhoore’ (from break ke baad) hangover. Not great at all. Ordinary at best. Shankar Mahadevan , Vishal Dadlani , Ehsaan Noorani , Alyssa Mendonsa  and Gulraj Singh perform this one….ordinarily.

3. Khabon ke parindey – Liberation via realisation of your dreams….is the theme of this song. A very good use of accordion (?) in between accompanied with low key (but melodious) voice of  Alyssa Mendonsa makes this a hummable song. With Mohit chauhan, the peppy song gets it’s doze of romantic lazyness for a while because he vanishes just as quickly as he comes. Still a very different song from the routine SEL numbers and thats a relief.

4. Senorita – Oh YEAH! Here comes the winner! The best song of this album has Mr. Farhan Akhtar, Abhay deol and Hritik Roshan kicking it along with Maria Del Mar Fernandez. Boy Maria can kick it well!  A student like enthusiastic Abhay deol adds a very sweet touch to the song and well I am biased on Farhan Akhtar (but then it is my review!) so i will say yes Farhan totally rocks this one! Hritik Roshan takes this song very seriously and you get it immediately. A superb song although it did remind me of a song but then am not able to figure it out…well forget it! This song rocks! A MUST hear!

5. Der lagi Lekin – Mr. Shankar Mahadevan gets behind the mic and tells us that he has learnt to live even if it took him sometime to realise what is real happiness and sadness…all momentary. The song has a silent resilience feel to it. Nice song.

6. Sooraj ki baahon mein – Without wasting a second Loy Mendonsa , Dominique Cerejo , Clinton Cerejo get into action along with a peppy tempo for company. I couldn’t help but feel that the song is missing soul. Very casual lyrics, at places horribly sung.  Frankly nothing much to write about.

7. To Zinda ho tum – Just few lines about life and whether you are ‘alive’ or not. Farhan Akhtar recites them with consummate ease. Loved this piece. Loved the setting with a heavy voilin in the background and some strings…Very very powerful lines. This one goes straight to my mobile. Superbly done Farhan!!

8. Senorita (remixed) – Starts with a very spanish setting (with band and constant clapping in the background). Just as much fun as the non remixed version. The setting is very party like, the beat very ‘now’ and the lyrics very catchy! Hell Yea am singing this loud!

Overall an average album by SEL saved completely by Senorita, To zinda ho tum, Dil dhadakney ko and Der lagi (in this very order).

There was a time when you could actually tell an album is composed by Anand Milind (thanks to flute and tabla in almost  every song). The same syndrome has hit SEL. Almost every song by them tries very hard to be cool but ends up sounding the same. The songs will grow after the movie hits the theaters I reckon.

Going with 2.5/5