Shaitan – Music review

1.  Bali –  Video game-ish sound welcomes you to the shaitaan song….and before you know the techno like tune weaved with tamil (?) rap goes over board and creates a chaos which is good to ears….paradox isnt it? Chances are you have heard this already and if you havent, I suggest you do it. NOW. The singers Farhad Bhiwandiwala, Preeti Pillai and K S Krishnan are awesome in their own right…Love the way the song goes till the edge after which the heavy orchestration takes over…and the song ends like an audio tape (you remember audio tape? seen one?) gets stuck in the car in the midst of a song.

2. Nasha – Heavy bass and techno fusion takes your hand and leaves you in the good company of prashant pillai and Bindu…Love the way the vocals are being played upon by the composer in this song. The lyrics are fresh (somewhat taking you to the dil chahta hai…kabhi na beetey chamkeeley din). A very positive and foot thumping song…Trust this to be played in most of the disco pubs (or whatever they are called).Love the way the bass is used along with the vocals in the ‘antraa’ of the song. Highly recommended

3. Josh – This one will remind you of long Limousines and lots of  criminal rap. Can’t help but feel the beats and the composition is quite routine. May be it’s because the other songs are better. Will definitely be liked by the ‘hip and happenings’. Shraddha, Abhishek and Colin Terence lend their vocals to it…I didn’t like it much…but then I am old. Make your own opinion…it does deserve one hear though…

4. Fareeda  – Suraj jagan, reminding me a bit about the track he sung in the ill fated – Hijack. Use of electric guitar is quite a ‘given’ with suraj jagan.  Did not leave me excited but the song does have a bit of ‘on the edge’ feel. This one is for the fans of Suraj Jagan.

5. O Yaara –  Nice use of shehnai, and the singers Kirti and Preeti do a pretty good job. At the risk of sounding negative…I will put forward that this track is quite ‘filmy’ because of the recent fixation of composers and film makers to make a qawwali and treat it in a ‘rock music’ isshtyle with use of ‘yaara and maula’ One more song I hear using these words, I am going to have a bad stomach. Didn’t like it. Too routine. That’s not what I expect from Mr. Unpredictable…Kashyap.

6. Pintya – Chandan shive goes behind the microphone to sing this one for us. Completely maharashtrian in the treatment…the song does have a bit of depth in it, creating an atmosphere of something sinister…or may be (over used word coming up) DARK. If you remember the last few minutes of ‘Vaastav’s ganesh arti, you know how this song ends. Very nicely done and for once there is a happy departure of trying to make every marathi song (used in a hindi film) end with GANAPATI BAPPA Morya!

7. Zindagi – Step aside ladies and gentlemen…the man who was instrumental in arranging and creating  ‘Hamma Hamma’ from film Bombay  (Ranjit Barot) comes and sweeps us with a superb song Iraadon mein…khayalon mein…Shaitaan thay…Goosebumps stuff. The stop and go tempo of this song hits you. Hard. Highly recommended. It’s a pity the song ends in less than 3 minutes though. Mr. Barot, we want more.

8. Amy’s theme – Suzanne D’mello dissolves in the musical setting like sugar in the water and holds the entire music setting with soulful humming. The chorus is fabulous, piano haunting…and overall setting a treat! Highly recommended again.

9. Nasha (rock and soul version) – Mr. Barot, you heard us? This version sees Mr. Barot, Farhad and bindu hitting it up like anything. Don’t miss the magnificient Tabla which plays along almost silently but gets prominent towards 2 minutes in the song. Lovely would be understatement for this song. The first version of this song relies heavily on techno fusion while this one is more of a ‘fun’ version. Must must hear!

10. Enter – A short instrumental piece (less than 2 minutes) dominated heavily by electric guitar…paints the picture of a chase. Honestly, it ended quicker than I expected. Nice for a ringtone though  🙂

11. Retro pop shit – Another instrumental piece dominated by heavy beats and a tune which sounds like a broken ‘josh’ but then it has a sticky feel to it. It is a track that will be played in the cars of most of the people. Very nicely done piece by Anupam Roy.

12. Unleashed – The Indi band – Bhayanak maut get behind the scenes to create this track in what seemed like english 🙂 Had to actually shut it in between because am not a heavy metal fan. Those who are, might like it.

13. Outro – Another instrumental version by Prashant pillai. A 59 second musical piece which is peppy to say the least. Faint chorus adds a bit of spook to this track. Another contender for a good ringtone!

14. Hawa hawai – Suman sridhar – Starts with a very 80s feel (something I completely forgot about listening to this contemporary album by the way). The chorus (whcih i feel is borrowed from the original song) and brass band add a very Goan feel to this song. Does this match up to the original song? No. Does it intend to do that? Hell No! It just appears to be a part of a fun setting in the movie. I liked it a LOT.

With Anurag Kashyap at the helm, we expect different sound and this album does more than it’s bit to be different yet not cacophonous. While Josh, Unleashed, Yaara and Fareeda didn’t amuse me much, the overall album is very much in sync of the theme of the movie. You can totally feel the ‘shaitani’ in the music and that’s a good thing.

My view –  4 Out of 5 for this pack of Shaitaaaaaaaaaans!

My favorites – Bali, Nasha (rock and soul version), Pintya and Amy’s theme.

5 thoughts on “Shaitan – Music review

  1. My goodness you said it too well. I puke a lil everytime I hear the words maula, ali, yaara in songs.

    I like the treatment of the song and the beginning is so nice. The lyrics are passé.
    I just love the instruments. Yeah now we are talking.

  2. And haunting is the CORRECT word to define Amy’s theme. The chorus is the star here with piano. Ufff too many comments. 😐 Don’t you banish me.

  3. i would like to point out what I had once written about Fareeda – ” I reach a different level of nothingness when I listen to that track.Puts right in your face,what you actually are.Puts you in a void universe.You and yourself.”

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