Delhi belly – Music review

1. Bhaag DK Bose – Ram Sampath wastes no time and hits it off with a catch tune and lovely guitar…Yes the song with so much baggage already completely lives up to it’s ‘NAME’ :). Not sure how Mr. Amir khan will ensure this song doesn’t reach the kids vocabulary…but then…well leave it. Animated chorus, quick pace setting compliment each other well. The lyrics are quite funny….cracked up at….andhi aayi hai sandesa laayi hai….Yes this one for playing up in all the ‘boys’ gathering for sure…

2. Nakkad waley disco – Bass starts and harmonium (pure sadak chaap qawaali type) sneaks in and Keerti sagathia tries to ham it up like there is no tomorrow. The intelligent pronounciation of puncture (as paaaanture) actually adds a bit to the ‘amuse’ quotient of this song and so does the pronounciation of hunter (find it out by hearing it) 🙂 Yes I am guilty…I like this song.

3. Saigal blues – Chetan shashital starts up shamelessly trying to copy the legendary K.L Saigal sahab. Almost instantly the ‘blues’ kick in. Absolutely nothing is worth a mention in this song. I find the naming of the song ‘saigal blues’ quite offensive because Siagal sahab was much more than just ‘blue’ and in his life time, he forgot more than Mr. Chetan would ever learn in his next 20 lives…so well…yea that sums it all up. Thumbs down.

4. Bedardi raja – Sona Mohapatra starts the proceedings with slow and typical bhojpuri setting of tabla, dholak and harmonium. In spite of trying hard to be cheesy, Sona, the brilliant singer she is ends up sounding melodious and cute. May be that’s what was intended. Let’s wait for the film to release then.

5. Jaa chudail – suraj jagan…Yes more like the suraj jagan we know. Shouting on the mic in good company of guitars…Very nicely summing up a frustrated lover who did everything he could but his lover didn’t listen to him. Not that I have anything against the song, but I would love to hear men being bashed in the similar manner the way film makers are abusing women/girls in their recent films/songs. (Junglee bhaloo, sada aaloo….well…thats the idea of fun…so be it)

6. Tere siva – Ram sampath, Tarannum malik – May be it was the noise of the previous song by Suraj jagan or may be it was just a soulful beginning of this song. The song starts with a lot of promise with a ‘light as air’ vocal of Ram and graceful voice of Tarannum, the song might get a Phillip as the film releases. Interesting lyrics by Amitabh here. Very different music setting from the ‘typical’ hindi songs we are served off late.

7. Switty tera pyaar chaida – Keerthi again comes back to sing this one. Innovatively named ‘switty’ (when they mean sweety), you get a feeling that the composer has relied more on pronunciation of words differently than treating such songs a little different. The constant and (I dare say) cliched tempo of the song bores you quickly but the best part is that the song ends in less than 3 minutes. Sensible I say!!

8. I Hate you (like I love you)  – Keerthi again! Starts this song in a typical ‘maula yaara’ type qawwali ishtyle!  But wait! What is AMIR KHAN doing? Oh I know! He comes recites a line or two and almost like a spring, the song jumps and somewhat redeems itself. Amir khan again! in what I could make it Amir says – ‘shake that biscuit baby!’ A mix of qawali and some hip hop(?). To sum it all up Amir khan says Jo chauka (4) udta hua jaye usey chakka (6) kehtey hain and then laughs as the song ends in a predictable hindi film climax type manner.

9. Bedardi Raja – Grind mix – Grind mix indeed! You are bound to like the way Sona Mohapatra flirts with the beats. Ok wait! Yes there is a bit too much of ‘beat’ in the song. Anyway this sounds well. This sounds fishy..much like the tone of the film. Nothing much to about except Sona Mohapatra flirtatious rendition. Cheers to that though!

10. Switty tera pyar chaida (Punk mix) – Ok the song starts and I shut it out. Completely run of the mill. Nothing to ‘look forward to’. Basically added, in my view to fill the album.

Adult comedy is what this film is positioned as. The music album heavily relies on DK Bose, Bedardi raja  and Nakad waley to steer it into your CD rack. I have my doubts how many will buy the album because of these songs. Must mention the commendable effort by Amitabh Bhattacharya at penning some innovative lyrics (and am sure helping out the singers to pronounce them differently)

My picks – DK Bose, Bedardi raja and Nakkad waley disco  (in this very order).

My view – 3/5


4 thoughts on “Delhi belly – Music review

  1. I quite liked it. I think the OST will make more sense once the film hits the screen. Songs are fun. Although absolutely no shelf life or recall value.

  2. Regarding “Saigal blues”,I beg to differ. The song seems very intelligently made. Moreover,it doesnt sound like it can offend anyone or it was meant to.Its absolutely honey to the ears,the composition.

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