Coke Studio India…the journey begins June 17th

A well established fact remains that music is a universal language that knows no boundaries and has the power to break down barriers and bring people together.
To celebrate and further the cause of love and togetherness through music, Coke has done the world a huge favor by introducing us all to Coke Studio.

Coke studio – the concept (borrowed heavily from someone in Coke Studio team) 🙂

As a concept, Coke Studio is confluence of a diverse number of music genres, both vocal & instrumental, from traditional eastern, to modern western and from regional to folk. Coke Studio aspires to create a unique sound in every country that it exists in, with each version being conceptualized in accordance with the cultural nuances of that nation. There are no two Coke Studio versions that are exactly alike, but there is a common purpose – to reinvent the way music can capture the spirit of a nation, opening hearts and minds, and of course, Happiness!

Bringing alive the magic of live recordings and performances, Coke Studio prides itself on providing a musical platform, which bridges barriers, celebrates diversity, encourages unity and instills a sense of pride. The concept of Coke Studio was first launched in Brazil in 2007 with the express purpose of developing an exceptionally different fusion music genre by creating an ‘encounter’ between two top Brazilian artists coming from completely opposite musical styles. Drawn by the challenge, Brazil’s top 14 artists came together to create 7 episodes that were aired on MTV and the rest is history! You can view some of the performances on this link

Our neighbours, Pakistan have been instrumental in spreading this message across Asia. Coke studio Sessions in Pakistan has taken everyone with sweet surprise and with a dash of melody. (As I publish this, Coke Studio Indonesia is also getting under way but then let me leave it for another post) 🙂

Coke Studio – India

We wanted it to come to India…and here it is! Coke Studio India is all set to celebrate the melodious riot of music and color which India has to offer. The philosophy is to develop, nurture and celebrate the joy of music.

Every episode of Coke Studio will feature one established musician, one up-and-coming artist and one folk legend. Leslie Lewis, is leading the creation of this unique jam session, as mentor & musical director of Coke Studio in India.

We can never have enough of Coke studio…we wanted Coke studio in India and here it is! Expectations are huge and going by the vibes in the studio….I am quite sure this is one event which will bring everyone together to enjoy the purest form of love…Music!

Today will be the last gig of Coke studio and this post is a small dedication to every single person who is a part of Coke studio team, anywhere in the world.

Thank you for this sound of music!

10 thoughts on “Coke Studio India…the journey begins June 17th

  1. and we all wanted Coke Studio to come to India… Yep!

    Especially all of us Twitter folks… I remember we used to practically lust for the next season the moment we started listening to Coke Studio Pakistan.

    It is indeed a wonderful concept and I am looking forward to some jugalbandi between Classical India and Eastern Rock Music Bands. They are awesomeness.

    This post is just in time… *countdown begins* 😛

  2. I was introduced to Coke Studio on twitter by M.
    I really enjoy listening to Coke studio since then…

    It will be exciting to see how coke studio-India will fair.Indian audiences are diversified in taste as well.

    1. And M says we all will be going gaga over Coke Studio India. Best thing to have happened to music and MTV India. Can’t wait.

      Also, look forward to read more lovely posts by R.

    2. That makes it 2 of us. M introduced me to coke studio as well. Am sure Cokestudio in India has taken account of the varied tastes. But if you think of it, that doesnt matter much. People who like music are bound to flow with coke studio. These guys just can’t go wrong. 🙂

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