Udaan – Music review

Music – Amit Trivedi
Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anurag Kashyap

Aankhon ke pardon pe – Faint violin with a lot of ‘sounds’ from morning typically suddenly elevate and shake hands with heavy notes of the guitar and before you know the heaviness turns into sweet sound of a ‘boyish’ chorus (comprising of Joi Barua and Neuman Pinto) who are remembering a serene scene which has suddenly evaporated into thin air and all what remains is ashes. Is it a sad song? Hell NO!!! the moment you go gloomy drums wake you up and you know it is an Anurag Kashyap philosophy wondering and interpreting the dance of day and night and what it means…you wont help but hum and shout with them…I bet! A fitting song number 1 for an album which is a flight of dreams…

Geet mein – 2 notes on piano play with each other (accompanied by a naughty kid’s humming sound) graduate into a ‘ek hulchul si’ (from Dev D) tempo and the ‘boys’ (Amit Trivedi and Amitabh Bhaattacharya) get along with what can be called as ‘living like this because we know no other way’ outlook. The way in which the guitar comes and does a tango with your senses is a treat. Wonderful lyrics. A very positive song.

Nadi mein talab hai – Ah! The beginning of this song!! Hear it to know what I mean. Faint flute whistles pick you up along with strings and the ‘boys’ (Amit, Joi and Neuman) get on with the faith that they are not far from success and wont mind getting burnt in the bargain. Ek Udaan – When Amit Trivedi sings these words, you know why he is the only hope for good hindi film sound in the days to come. Continuous guitar negotiates the turns and twists which Amit Trivedi introduces in the song and as a result the tempo picks up without you even knowing about it.  ‘Boys’ again break into the familiar Aankhon ke pardon pe tone humming and verbal jabbing…What a song!!

Naav chadhti (lehren)– Here is the winner for all the fans of Indian ocean moods!! Mohan starts in the front and in the background….sitar and electric guitar pick you up just in a way a sad child is picked up by the angels of heaven. The sound mixing of this song is what a lot of ‘bloody others’ (copy cat music directors) will copy without any shame. MUST HEAR. I actually don’t want to write much on this song because I want you to explore this on your own. Don’t miss out the alaap  of Mohan in the background. What soul! What hope! What music! Thank you God for Anurag Kashyap and Amit Trivedi. Thank you!!

Motumaster – Anurag Kashyap picks up the pen to write and microphone for this song. The boys (Raman Mahadevan, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Bonnie Chakraborty, Kshitij, Shriram Ayyar, Tochi, Amit Trivedi & Anurag Kashyap) take you on a humorous rollercoaster ride on how ‘Motumaster’ INFLICTED pain on it’s family and it’s village…and how his mother was felicitated by ‘Ashok Chakra’ (hear the song to know why!!!) The winner though is Anurag Kashyap when he recites some lines…hear this hear this hear this….!!

Azaadiyan Pairon ki – Strings lead you (with faint miracle in the background giving it company) to a piece sung by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Amit Trivedi and Neuman pinto. Such soulful lyrics coupled with a traditional Sitar have never graced the ears of any hindi film music listener. The chorus effect (Amitabh and Neuman mostly) gives the ‘youth effect’ while slowly the violin takes you to zenith and makes us meet the familiar tone of the first song (Kahani…). As the song celebrates life and hope and urges you to live and explore your dreams, strings come back and the chorus gets mixed with the instruments..and losing the prominence as Violin and Sitar steal the show for some moments (with electric guitar humming slowly by the way) and goosebumps come back as the trio just repeat – kahani khatam honey ko hai…MAGICAL!!!!! A song which will not leave us for a long time…..or may be longer….

Udaan theme – Piano…Ah! Piano…be it the love story theme or Jim brackman or our own Brian Silas, the sweetness of Piano can never be over stated. Add to it the faint note on just one string of the guitar and you will know what this piece is all about. For most of the time, heavy as well as a light violin gives company to the piano…a  very different theme music for a movie. A simmer of hope…that’s what this piece is all about

Not a very ‘routine’ offering by bollywood standards – and that’s why I urge all of you (who like real stuff rather than botoxed music) to buy this album. Only and ONLY Anurag Kashyap could have got this music to our lame, over-inspired hindi film music arena

Skeptics, please continue to make a mockery of yourself by attempting to criticise Anurag Kashyap and his ideas


4 thoughts on “Udaan – Music review

  1. Great review Rohit! I came here from moi fc, just to read your piece on Udaan. Very well written. Aazaadiyaan and Naav are the favorites along with Udaan theme.
    Also i think Vikram deserves some credit.. Please and Thank you!

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