Spiders web (Agatha Christie) – Book review

What if this woman is prone to ‘imagining’ things, thanks to her background in theater acting?

What if this woman is so good at narrating imaginary stories that everyone believes and acts (only to discover it later that it was a lie!)?

What if this woman imagines ‘what if I find a dead body in my library?’

What happens if she actually finds a dead body in the library?

While trying to gain control of her seeing the body and trying hard to convince everyone, what if the police were to arrive?

Adapted by Charles Osborne from one of Agatha Christies play is this novel titled spider’s web

Let me not try to spoil the fun, but give you a teaser of the novel

1. A woman who is prone to day dreaming and telling stories which are totally believable
2. Her Uncle who loves her a lot
3. Her uncle’s friend
4. A flirtatious young man, known to this woman who still insists that she shouldn’t have married someone who is much older than her and has already divorced his wife and has a kid
5. This woman’s husband
6. This woman’s little daughter (her name is pippa!)
7. Butlers of the house
8. A somewhat nose poking gardener of the house who keeps an eye on this woman
9. May be some other characters I don’t want you to find out

A bit more about the novel and the writer…

Absolutely spot on narrative and I say so because the book is a little over 200 pages and I couldn’t stop reading it and had to finish it in one go. The tiny nuances of characters, their hidden agendas, their quirks etc. have been handled and narrated so well that you almost feel you are present in the house, where the murder took place.

The entire part where the plot is unfolded might look a bit tedious because of so many layers in the subject, but then it can happen when one adapts a play as a novel (normally it is the other way round isn’t it? I am not an ardent reader, hence wont give any smart comments about the writer but he surely has stitched something which will get you entangled for a while and that’s not a mean feat at all!

The star of the novel is no doubt this woman whose character is very well penned. There are some incidents that the other characters share about this woman and those are going to have you in splits!
But then, is she the real star?? Well I shall leave that on those who actually pick this one up to read!

Pick this one up for a lazy Saturday afternoon and after you finish it, you would come to know the genius of Agatha Christie whose books have been outsold only by Bible!

Peace and equanimity

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