Rock on – Music review

Hello everyone……I said Helllllllllllllllllllllllllooooo everyone! Lets look at one of  the most unconventional album of the year! Knowing fully well that people would be curious to see/judge/review/hate/love/like/dislike/pull Farhan Akhtar as a singer, he opens the music album with the

song number one 1. Aasman hai Neela – A peppy and a ‘very rock’ number. Begins with crazy notes on a electric guitar. A small message of saving the trees and deleting the boundaries of the nations is also thrown in for good measure. The theme of the song urges everyone to not see but OBSERVE what’s happening all around. Must say the beginning notes are sung by Frhaan Akhtar in the same way as Lucky ali used to sing before everyone found out that he has got the gift of voice and nothing else.

2. Pichley saat dinon mein – Here comes the song which will lyrically remind ‘baby when you are gone’ (by bryan adams) and musically ‘cuts like a knife’ (bryan adams). Does it resemble any the song? NO. Does it sound good? Yes. Farhaan Akhtar puts his heart and soul to this song. I don’t want to know when the song is used for I am not seeing the movie. I need to hear the song and like it. And i like what I hear! Its quite a challenging song for a new comer to sing and Farhaan looks right in the eye of the song and gives his 100% honestly. In this era when majority of people are ‘ooh-oohing!’ about some Pakistani singers who are surviving because their voice is ‘doctored’ after the recording, Farhaan dares to come out in the open without any protection. At times you feel he is going out of music, but does it matter? I leave that on you to answer. Seriously a ‘must hear’ song.

3. Rock On! – Heavy electric guitar eggs you to turn the volume up and hear as Farhaan Akhtar spills the beans on what he wants to do, shout on the top of his voice, going up the TV tower to name a few. You fall in love with the song the moment Farhaan Akhtar sings and stretches ‘Yunhi dekhta hai kyat tu, Zindagi milegi na dobaraaaa. The song has a ‘now or never’ attitude and feel which was a hallmark of almost all the rock bands. The song continues the ‘lyric rich, music heavy’ tradition of this album which is a welcome change from the sentimental flute with a chorus repeating aaaaaaaaa mercilessly.

4. Ye tumhari meri baatein – An evening song when you and your beloved (or your loneliness) are sitting next to each other and saying nothing at all! Ironically the lyrics urge you to speak and speak! Dominique is the same girl whose voice NEVER falters in high pitch, be it her tamil song of Kandukondain Kandukondain or a high pitch chaiiya chaiyya which she sang in a live concert in Dubai and was sounding at least 10,000 times better than the ever so shouting swapna awasthi who has sung this song originally!She has done pure justice to the song. PERIOD.

5. Zehreelay – ‘The slam bang thank you mam’ song. The only thing I fear is that it might be too niche for a song like this to be in a Hindi movie. It is genuinely loud and sometimes makes you want to switch it all off and forget about it. The lyrics are surprisingly good but you will have to be very patient to survive hard music to grab yourself some lyrics. The singer though (Suresh Jaggan) has quite a rock star voice and it makes you wonder just how many colors of talent exist in India.

6. Tum ho to – The soft song which catches fire in between but doesn’t burn the house down with excessive music. I suspect this song to be somewhere in the climax as well because a part of this song features in the song number 7 as well. Farhaan tries his hands on yodeling (which is commendable given that it’s his first formal stint in singing!). the song has a very sticky feel to it, thanks to the lyrics and wonderful execution by Farhaan akhtar. A very humable song, soft lyrics and yodeling just sweetens everything up!

7. Sinbad the sailor – if you like playing around on a electric guitar, you will absolutely love the way this song starts and picks up! It is a song which is meant to motivate the dull souls to work hard and not be put down by adversities even if the entire world says it’s not possible! Contrary to the dull tones in which these kinds of songs are composed, this one comes across as a light and peppy song. The manner in which a bit of song number 6 is mixed in this last part of this song is an obvious revelation of a reunion of friends (something farhaan akhtar loves to show!) with this song! Raman Mahadevan (remember his song – kholo kholo darwaze! From Taarey zameen par?) accompanies farhaan akhtar brilliantly and they make a youthful duo to end the song in style!

8. Pichle saat dino (Live version) – Hah! If anyone has seen/heard Bryan Adams live in Mumbai singing ‘cuts like a knife’ they will be able to relate to this song very quickly! The song starts with the same lines which are mentioned in bold in the very beginning of this review! The manner in which Farhaan akhtar instructs the crowd to sing when he raises his hands in the air is too elementary and is aimed for the people who are unaware of the ‘rock concert tradition’! the song is good although I honestly believe that the crowd participation sounds better in the theaters because in this song it doesn’t sound very good!

9. Phir Dekhiye – The album couldn’t have been complete without this yet another motivationally romantic song! In fact you will be amazed to find that the singer caralisa monteiro is same who sung the famous number my dil goes mmmm (from salam namastey). Caralisa, with her subtle variations has added a sweet flavor to this immensely adorable song! Do hear this…it doesn’t have any electric guitar (if you are averse to it), and it has a lot of melody (if you are fond of it!)

Overall rating – 5 out of 5!

Why 5?

1. Daringly different attempt to attune us to a newer sound of music

2. Farhaan akhtar’s singing – How many times have we seen singers like Lucky ali try a song with a high pitch? The fact is everyone likes to be in their comfort zone but Farhaan Akhtar has thrown himself out on one of the toughest genres to begin with!

3. No Punjabi songs in the entire album! Can you believe that?

4. No song sung by Hard Kaur

5. No song sung by KK (too much of anything is bad remember?)

6. No song sung by Neeraj Sridhar (too much of anything is bad remember?)

7. No Item Song! 8. No two ways about it, it’s a rock album – Make peace with it and Play on!

Please hear this album keeping all the baggage aside. You don’t have to CONVERT to Rock music (Ok this not quite rock music but respect the effort no?), you can hear it off and on and no one is asking you to regularly hear it. Respect the genre, respect music and Respect the effort to create something new



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