Philips DVD plater – DVP 3166

The History

I had been a ’victim’ of Sony DVD player for 3 years after which I decided to ’let it go’for good. It refused to realise the people it shook hands with just a day before (meaning – The DVDs which I played one day weren’t recognised by the same DVD player the next day). Skeptics will come back saying I might have kept the player dirty…well this wasn’t the case. Since my worldly possessions are a bit more to me than plain worldly possessions, I keep all of them safe. Sony DVD player was one of them and more special because I brought it along with my TV from my FIRST salary! I shelled around INR 6,000 for my Sony DVD player

The research – Some tips I followed when I went to buy another DVD Player

1. Keep the budget sacrosanct, I pegged it at INR 4,000

2. Stay away from Sony (don’t know why I am far away from sony for Good…earlier it was a horrible TV experience and the Sony DVD player was the cherry on top!)

3. Zero down on the features (I wanted USB ready set)4. The DVD player should be 5.1 channel enabled (so that I can keep my neighbours awake when I plug it with my Harman kardon home theatre system)

5. The DVD player SHOULD NOT have an in-built amplifier because it reduces the scalability of output and also increases the dependance on the DVD player. (Simply put, take a separate receiver and plug your DVD to that rather than going in for an in-built amplifier which are way too complicated to be repaired when they go for a toss)

Models I came across

I came across Samsung, which was nice but somehow the time it was taking to read the USB wasnt all that great…and everytime I clicked a button on the remote, the entire display lights used to get dim…shoddy workmanship if you ask me…hence Samsung was a goner!I came across LG only to reject it because couple of friends asked me to be away since they were shopping for a DVD player with me to replace their LG DVD players! I came across a wonderful Onkyo DVD player but it was waaaaaaaay too expensive for a pauper like me so I referred to my first point above (in THE RESEARCH), kicked myself for being poor and kept on looking!I came across Onida, I liked it too but it did not have USB connectivity then, so I gave it a miss.

I zeroed in on Phillips DVD DVP 3166 because:

1. It was having the lowest delay in executing the response from the remote control,
2. It could play virtually any format (DIVX included!), it
3. It was a steal at INR 2990/-!
4.The remote is very compact but it doesn’t have tiny buttons.
5.The extra sound classification converts the sound in many modes which is quite a good feature for a khurapati soul like me.
6.The player reads each and every content disc which I have played on it.
7. The scalibility is wonderful since it compliments my home theater very nicely.
8. You can also allocate the sound levels to all the 6 speakers using the 5.1 setting mode from the DVD Player but you have to be very careful since it can adversely affect the output if not done properly!

The only feature I miss is flash card reader. Honestly I dont think I need it but then it’s good to have something which is viewed as ’technologically intelligent’, even if you don’t know what the hell it is! 🙂

Some details:

Purchase time – March 2008
Vendor – Vijay sales Chembur, Mumbai
Price – INR 2990
Defects – Are you kidding me?

Do check out the Moser baer DVD players before you make a choice..they offer good value for money! Please rate and leave comments on my review, feel free to tear it apart!

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