Kismet konnection – Music review

When Aziz Mirza makes a movie, all the sensible guys sit up and take notice isnt it? Who can forget he has given us very lovable raju ban gaya gentleman, yes boss and somewhata watchable chalte chalte!
One common thing between almost all his films is that music score is soothing…original and very very hum able! Kismet connection is a different story. Let me try to elaborate!

Song – 01 – Ae Pappi (Tu hai meri soniye!) – A typical neeraj sridhar-pritam song. Very peppy and should be the highlight of the movie. It catches hold of one note and the song goes on and on (with the same note repeating in the background!). Neeraj Sridhar has become a sort of an item boy for hindi film music
which is a good sign. All in all a good song

Song-02 – Bakhuda tum hi ho – Atif aslam and Alika Yagnik – Pritam tries to capture the romance in Atif’s voice with this song. With Atif’s trademark long alaaps and familiar style of singing you immediately start liking the song BUT WAIT – there is Alika Yagnik as well and what she does is calms down the song from a passionate Atif! Quite a nice song…

Song-03 – Move your body now – Hard kaur, Shaan, suheil and Akriti – This is where creativity and originality take a dip and a deep dip I mean. The first tone you hear reminds you of ’bin tere sanam dam da dam dam dam’ (Race), Then Hard Kaur raps which makes you feel she is singing the title song of AAshiq banaya aapne by replacing the words with her rap words but in the same tone!. WAIT WAIT THERE IS MORE TO THIS SONG – the manner in which ’move your body now’ is said will remind you of the ’aye romana’ (from Goal) sung by neeraj sridhar! This song has a very mechanical feel to it. You know the kind of tune which comes pre-loaded in a downmarket Musical keyboard which you get for less than 500 rupees!Was Aziz Mirza just ignorant or was he too innocent to be fooled in by our ’lifting champion’ Pritam for this sub-standard tune! Will wait for the answers….lets move on to the next song!

Song-04- Is this love (Kahin na laagey) – Mohit chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal – Tum se hi din hota hai, tumse hi raat aati hai from Jab we met has left a long lasting dramatic effect on me and I am sure I am not alone. Mohit sings this song with utmost ease (like he has sung the jab we met song, or the Rang de basanti song ’Khoon chala’). This is a very very good song folks, reminds you of those days when you must have felt things behaving weirdly…The logic – You are in love!

Song-05 – Soniya Ve – (Sonu Nigam – Sunidhi chauhan)- The living legend Sonu nigam enters the music album (although a little late!) along with the powerful Sunidhi chauhan here. I dont want to be’that’ guy who is always finding faults but this song starts with the tone which will you immediately remind you of ’ Boro boro’ from bluff master…and its not all….when you continue to torture yourself with this song you will feel you are hearing a song from ’Mujhse shaadi karogi’


Notice how I have everywhere mentioned about Pritam. No where Aziz mirza gets a mention in any of the songs isnt it? and this what the problem with the album is and the reason I have rated it as ’Average’. We have been spoiled by Aziz mirza to hear melodies like – seene mein dil hai(raju ban gaya gentleman) , ek din aap yun humko mil jayege(yes boss), suno na suno na (chalte chalte), main koi aisa geet gaoon (yes boss) and so on! Sadly its the song number 2 & 4 which may (am not sure) remain in our memory and thats it.

Playing songs repeatedly in FM stations or the dance floor or in overspent wedding ’sangeets’ (yuk yuk!) is not what I call good music.Good music is what you sing/hum when you are driving and you dont want to play your stereo

Good music is what you sing when asked to sing a song in a gathering of friends

Good music is what acts as a bookmark in your memory to take you in ’Those were the days’ mindset

Am afraid I can’t put any song except the ones mentioned above in that category….3 out of 5 songs are disappointing and thats a very bad score!Aziz Mirza…you better come up with a cracker of a film to offset this blunder…



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