Jaane tu ya jaane na – Music review

As I got hold of the new CD of Jaane Tu, I was quite excited. AR Rehman normally has this effect on me. So when I played it in my car during my routine travel from Nariman point to Worli, I thought let me see how many times AR Rehman would let me know which area I am passing through and how many times I will forget where I am passing through…this would let me know if the music is intoxicating or not!

Song-1 Kabhi Kabhi AditiArguably one of the freshest bit of music with magical lyrics and a simple voice of Rashid does the trick here. His voice has got an engaging quality about it. The same that was once associated with Adnan sami’s voice. I must mention that the use of guitar and flute is just awesome and dont be surprised if you plress the repeat button only to hear the guitar! The song had such an impact that I forgot I am crossing the marine drive and slowly moving towards Peddar road! GOOD BEGINING AR REHMAN – I said.

Song-2Pappu cant danceAnupama, Benny Dayal, Blazee, Tanvi, Darshana, Satish Subramanium and Aslam mercilessly ham in this song making it all the more fun. The song starts with typical AR Rehman flavor to it. The song will be an anthem in all the college canteens, more so when the students decide to pull legs of some ’PAPPU’ in their class/college! The song is quite catchy but since I was totally aware that I am passing peddar road slowly, I would say I was not impressed as much as I was when I heard song number 1!

Song-03 Jaane tu mera kya haiA newcomer singer – Runa gets into the act right away with this song. Its AR Rehman’s attempt to produce a typical ’romantically haunting’ song which one hears so much in Bollywood these days. A song that would educate the listeners a bit about the story through its lyrics. I have always regarded AR Rehman to be above the ’philmy music directors’ but he succeeds well in making an above average philmy song..I was nearing the fuel station just before Haaji Ali and since I was aware of it…I would rate this song – Ok Ok but certainly hummable.

Song-04 Nazrein MilanaAnupama , Benny Dayal, Darshana, Tanvi , Satish Chakravarthy , Naresh Iyer , Swetha , Bhargavi and a very lively chorus wake you up from your slumber (enticed by song number 2 and 3) with ’in your face’ lyrics and lovely execution. The combo of Guitar with Mouth horgan and later with Jazz guitar simply rocks! If song number 2 would get the ’canteen croud’ cheering in colleges, this song would definitely be a ’must sing’ in bon fires and college buses! Since I did not take much notice of the fact that I had to literally wait for this entire song to get over for my turn to get the fuel in the fuel station, I would rate this song quite highly! AR Rehman at his youthful best!!

Song-05Tu boley main boloonAR Rehman…you must be very very pure at heart, for you sing khwaja mere khwaja and then you sing this song, both with consummate ease and both delivered with a clarity that can redefine the word – ’PURITY’ for good! The maestro mixes the 60s feel of ’band-heavy’ orchestra and a modern contemporary art of rendition when he says – JAANE TU, JAANE TU YA JAANE NA! Yes this is the title song! I drove the entire stretch of Haaji Ali without taking notice of the sea, hence this song has to be right up there with the bests of this album!

Song-06 Kahin to HogiThe magician vocalist Rashid (who has sung the song number 01 of this movie) returns to give us a soulful song with this one. AR Rehman uses Vasundhra das to make this song one of the best duet song in the last 3 years! The album proves its mettle and how! This song is his way of telling us all that while the album is full of youthful energy, it also has a song which can connect with the ’youths’ of any age…be it a teen or your grandma! I can write on and on about this song because it has struck a deep connection with the soul, but I would end it by telling that I actually had to take a right turn from Worli Naka and such was my involvement with the song that I took a left instead!

Song-07 Jaane tu mera kya haiThe male version of song number 03 mentioned above. Its more pensive than the famle version. A good effort but I must confess I did not hear this attentively because firstly I was trying to navigate my way back to Worli Naka! and secondly after hearing the song-06, I was actually looking to press the ’REPEAT’ button on that song again! This song is blessed with the voice of Sukhwinder so has a very lasting feel to it

Final Word

I am too un-talented to comment on this artist who goes by the name – AR Rehman, but I must mention that this album is definitely worth a buy. Listen to it and transport yourself to the olden college days and you wont feel lonely, for the brilliant music of this album will be your companion!

Take a bow AR Rehman!


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