Hijack – Music review

Music: Justin-Uday
Lyrics: Kumaar

Let me get down to the business without wasting much time

Aksar (KK) – The best thing about this song is that it doesn’t waste much time to befriend your ears and although you get a very strong ‘kya mujhe pyaar hai’ feeling (especially in the midst of the song when electric guitar takes over for a brief while), what is very refreshing is the manner in which the ‘Antra’ (Stanza) is treated. It has a very stop and go treatment which we came across in then recent song from race (khwaab deke). While the race song was an out and out dance number, this song emphasies on melody and does well. The lyrics are very simple and that’s a relief!

Dekh Dekh (Sunidhi Chauhan) – A must have club kind of dance number with a male voice shouting ‘MOVE YOUR BODY NOW’. Can someone please tell all the music directors of Hindi film industry to cut it out and get some more spunk in the English lyrics (if at all they must use it in an item kind of song!). Sunidhi Chauhan can sing these kinds of songs in her sleep and without a doubt she does well. What I did miss in this song is good mixing. May be the music directors should have played around by using a double track of sunidhi’s voice when she goes ‘A-O, A-O’ – Just a thought…let me know your thoughts if at all you stumble upon this song! All and all a song which will sound good to some people but the others will go out for ‘refreshments’ when this song comes in the movie.

Koi na jaane (Shilpa Rao & KK) – Shilpa rao who? The same singer whose voice embellishes ‘khuda jaane’ song along with KK in Bachna ae hasino. It’s a pity that she doesn’t get much scope to sing in this song because it is more of a ‘narrative’ kind of a song which might feature in a lead up to climax kind of situation wherein the male protagonist comes face to face with his long lost love. The song beautifully balances itself between reminisces of old times and praying to GOD to help in the present situation. I liked the manner in which the song begins, and if the director does some justice then it might not come as a DRAG in the lead up to climax. All and all a good song

Theme of Hijack(Suraj Jagan) – Suraj Jagan who? He is the same guy who has sung some jingles and more recently has song a loud song called – Zehreelay in the music album rock on. Plain taking off, with a bit of groove, a bit of Jazz guitar, some police sirens, a guy speaking on the wireless accompanies the music of Suraj Jagan as he sings ‘wonder who is in control, what’s going on…you cant see the future so keep walking on!’ (Now these are some neat lyrics thank God!). Just when you feel the song is over, it picks up again! All and all quite a niche treatment of the lyrics might not go well with the front seated crowd!

Aksar (Unplugged) – The most soothing song of the album. It is the slower version of the song number 1, and while the song number 1 Is sung by KK in a fast mode, this one is what you play in ‘those evenings’ and sing when you sit around with your friends on a cloudy evening with clouds as red as a cherry! This one is my personal favorite, hence no verdict on this song as I might be biased. Oh forget it, I rate this 4.5 on a 5 scale. (and no, I wont compare who has sung this better!)

Aksar (Sad) – (Shaan) – quite a predictable slower version of the song number 1. In this song, the singer wishes he had the company of his loved one forever. Now either Shiney ahuja or Esha deol have to die in the movie! (Hope the movie isn’t this predictable!). A very short song, something which is rare in Hindi cinema isn’t it?

What I liked:

1.Excellent use of guitars
2.The technique of making Shaan and KK sing different versions of the same song (Aksar) is very intelligent because the song ‘kya mujhe pyaar hai’ sung by KK had a brilliant slower version which never got popular, may be because it was also sung by KK and people like to ‘pick and choose’ only ONE version of the song by a singer (as if it is a rule!).

Final Verdict:

It is quite an appreciable effort by the first timer music director duo (Justin-Uday) and the lyricist (Kumaar). If the songs are not too good they won’t be a torture for your ears as well. The only thing which can kill this album is if the film bombs in the box office.

So go out and play on Hijack. Unlike the recent servings like Kismet Konnection, the songs of Hijack will be with you even after you switch off the music player…may be that’s why I am trying to sing the unplugged version of Aksar as I type these lines!



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