Ghajini – meri girlfirend ko danda kyun maraa

Overworked to the core, you decide to watch a movie and get lucky to get special screening passes for Ghajini…and you think life is good!

The story

There has been so much talk about Ghajini that I don’t think its worthwhile to waste the reader’s time with the story but I would like to state that the writer shouldnt have slept over the script the way she/he has.

The Actors

Yes, its Amir Khan who manages to salvage something and everyone else comes up with laboured performances.

Asin is a repackaged sridevi and I apologise if this comes as an insult to Sridevi. You can spot the Yeksent (accent!) when she speaks and though she is a nice actress from the south, the crowd did not go to see ’trying to look so cute’ chick who cannot act even if her life is Dependant on it. She does overact quite effortlessly though.

Tinu anand – has done so many roles like this and he continues to ham like their is no tomorrow…falling when walking, making those loud faces! Yuk!

The inspector guy – A very nice actor from Malyali cinema, has done a nice job.

Jiah Khan – Speaks weirdly and mistakes dancing with shaking.

The manager of Amir khan – He comes across as a sincere actor. Although his voice gives me heebie-jeebies

Pradeep rawat – The guy who plays GHAJINI. He wasnt utilised fully I would say and thats a director’s fault. His clothes are ’andhra style’ and though the build up to his introduction was somewhat nice, he disappoints the most! He didn’t have a gun would you belive it!!??

The Music

Not AR Rehman’s best, hummable at places but easily said – forgetful! Its this kind of mediocre stuff which is packaged with 8-pack abs and a bald look that makes people drool over the packaging paper and forget that a crap rests inside.

The fights Gory! Certainly not recommended if you plan to take your kids along. There is good amount of heads being banged and bloodshed. Even when you break your head thinking why the villian is not having a pistol to save him, the last few minutes of action is quite good…thanks to aamir!

The direction and screenplay and all the other technicalities which I don’t understand but I feel I am wise enough to comment upon:

The movie is very long. It could have done away with Jiah khan’s character altogether. The way the camera moves especially during the last half of the film is ’very south’. There is a scene in which the camera is searching for someone and suddenly Aamir emerges and punches the screen! that is quite neat according to me. There are just so many loopholes that if I sit and mention them, my review will exceed 7500 words.

The first half comes across so laboured that you want to throw eggs on the screen. Except the scene where the ’inevvitable’ happens to Aamir’s love, you never feel sad for aamir and thats director’s fault. Most part of the movie, he is roaming like a 1990s sanjay dutt looking to take revenge on those who have killed his family!


I am sure I have missed mentioning a lot of good things about the movie, but trying to remember them and pen them down would take more effort than was put in to make this movie!! Kudos to the promotion team and aamir for creating good hype. Aamir is the only good factor (although in the much coveted ’Behka’ song, he looks tired!)

Today, when we look for meaningful cinema or just something new, Ghajini comes across as a stupid typical masala film….which wasnt expected of Amir, but then its not Amir khan’s production and a guy has to earn money isnt it!

Watch it (only if you must!) with no expectations….you might still dislike it…Please tear my review apart and leave your ratings and comments


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