Chandni chowk to china – music review

Music Director(s): Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Kailash-Paresh-Naresh, Bappi Lahiri- Bappa Lahiri & Bohemia.Lyrics – Rajat Arora, Shailender, Kailash Kher, Bohemia

Song 1- S.I.D.H.U – Kailash Kher &Chorus – The song doesn’t waste anytime in ’getting started’ and has a delhi feel to it the moment you hear it. There is a very 1990s feel to the ’wah bhai wah’ which chorus blurts out the moment the song starts but then thats what we can expect from Bollywood these days. The song narrates Akhshay kumar’s character before and after the transformation. The problem with the song is that there are way too many attempts to innovate the song and they fall flat on their face. Somehow the music directors are feeling that they can play any darn instrument and whatever the singer ’says’ can be termed as a song these days!

Song 2- Chandni Chowk to china – Neeraj sridhar, anoushka sharma, shankar mahadevan and unbearable chinese like chorusUnfortunately for all of us, some people just refuse to let go of their ’hit formula’ in the hindi film industry! The ’item boy’ neeraj sridhar gets on the mic and hams it up like their is no tomorrow! There is a part in the song when you are actually waiting for neeraj sridhar to shut up because his lines do not end!! Then we have shankar mahadevan who is still stuck with bunty aur bubly hangover of a sudden shouting a song with some ’chalta hai’ lyrics. As if the only thing left was an irritating chinese-like ’haiiiiiiya’ which continues for the full song (Grrrrrrrr!)

Song 3- India se aaya mera dost – Bappi Lahiri & Ravi K Tripathi – The song starts with a drunk chinese (not difficult to spot that!) yapping away. It is just the same old wine mixed with some chinese spices. Wine with chinese spice! yup thats what the song is! Honestly, at times you do feel nice seeing Bappi lahiri trying very honestly to make the song work. He runs out of partners. The lyricist tries very hard to pen some of the silliest lyrics that you can ever hear…like someone pointed out – china rhyming with seena! Yaaaaaaaaaks!Song

Song 4 – Tere Naina (Shankar mahadevan & Shreya Ghoshal) – A slow song, and my gut feel this song would be filmed in slow motion. It is totally like 1000 songs that we have been served by Pritams and shankar ehsan loys of today. A slow Shankar mahadevan is helped by a somewhat fast (and trying to sound cute as always) shreya ghoshal. If you are the one who is desperately trying to find something to like about this album, may be this song will do the trick. MAY BE!

Song 5 – Chak lein de (Kailash Kher) – Yes I was right, this does sound like a 1990s music album. Here comes the climax or ’leading up to climax’ song! The only good thing about this song is kailash kher at times and thats all. I somewhat liked the innovative style of repeating the last 2 words of every line by kailash kher in this song. With predictable stop-and-go approach this song bores you to death! This would be the song when guys would go out for smoke and ladies would yawn and yawn again! Just like we have all grown sick of seeing kangana ranaut shout on the screen, we are fast approaching irritation-ville when it comes to kailash kher’s shouting towards the end of every song!

Song 6 – CC2C (Akshay kumar and bohemia) – More an advertisement for Akshay kumar than anything else. The song tries hard to show some attitude but falls flat thanks to some weird lyrics and even sillier execution. Akshay kumar has been bashing other stars and star sons right from his ’khiladi’ days. Remember the song – Na Hum AMitabh, na dilip kumar, na kisi hero ke bachche, hum hain seedhe saadhe Akshay!!!Honestly, I dont have a problem with Akshay taking potshots at bollywood and ’badshah’ in this song. It is the lack of confidence that is so audible in the song which will irritate anyone who has paid for this album

Oh yes! and there is that punjabi rapper (One more to the list!) called bohemia. He had gone to the west to make a fortune. He plays a part in the song. My question to him – WHY?

Last thoughts

1. Nikhil advani has given us a super flop – salam-e-ishq which was star heavy and script light. The album is making me scared about the movie. The music of salam e ishq held a shortlived promise and nothing else. This one, disappoints. A lot. 

2. There are some people who dont know ’when to stop’ and this album is filled with them. Hear out the India se aaya mera dost or Chak len de and u will understand what i am referring to.

3. This movie wont be remembered for its soundtrack. Extreme apologies for such a long review but I had to vent my feelings…afterall I subjected myself to this sad piece of music(?) <—- This post blogged here first


One thought on “Chandni chowk to china – music review

  1. am i the only one commenting here 😐

    landed on this post while searching for bohemia in your reviews !

    He’s the finest and the only true rapper around (as he says and as we, or atleast i believe ). do look for his earlier songs. at least “sahara” and “kaali-denaali”

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