Guddu Rangeela – Music review

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After Bombay Velvet, Amit trivedi is back with a rather enjoyable album. The sound of the cheeky ‘mata ka email’ is  crude yet adorable largely due to the lyrics. In sooiyan, we will hear Amit Trivedi going the ‘typical bollywood song’ way which is a relief as it shows he is also human! The title song scores over all the songs of the film largely due to lovely singing by Divya kumar and Amit T. Lyrics of the album are a clear winner and that is such a nice thing to happen to an OST. 

You can hear my full review of the album on the B.B.C. website here

Guddu Rangeela – Music review

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After Bombay Velvet, Amit trivedi is back with a rather enjoyable album. The sound of the cheeky ‘mata ka email’ is  crude yet adorable largely due to the lyrics. In sooiyan, we will hear Amit Trivedi going the ‘typical bollywood song’ way which is a relief as it shows he is also human! The title song scores over all the songs of the film largely due to lovely singing by Divya kumar and Amit T. Lyrics of the album are a clear winner and that is such a nice thing to happen to an OST. 

You can hear my full review of the album on the B.B.C. website here

Music review – Ajab Ishq…Maati da by Harpreet

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Very rarely do I come across an album that makes me happy about doing the review. Call it a recco post if you will, but this album is something you must not let go without giving it a listen. Track wise review below. This review first appeared here and My B.B.C. review appeared here (audio review)

Call it the effect of the much awaited rains in Bombay, but in spite of average lyrics, the song Ajnabi sounds top drawer. Harpreet sounds comfortable, soothing and musical without making a big deal of it. The song ‘Kutte‘ has a ‘bulleya ki jaana main koun’ vibe in the beginning, but the similarity ends when you observe that the tune and words are too direct and aggressive. The superb music arrangement of the song lends a ‘wanderer’ feel perfectly. The song is in Punjabi, but trust me that wont matter one bit. It’s been a while since man with all fallacies have found a expression, and this song is a beautiful exception to that. ‘Man can’t live alone and can’t live with people’…a crisis we are all too familiar with, aren’t we?

Nirala is what takes my breath away every time I hear it. The melodious possibilities are endless when you mix Hindi poetry with contemporary fusion-sque presentation, and boy is this song a case study to that or what! For the want of better expression, this song is about 6 minutes of continuous goosebumps. Harpreet is a joy to listen to…mujhe gagan ka dikha saghan wah chhor…By God, I saw the chhor with Harpreet when I heard this part, so what if I was sitting in the confines of my room. Easily, the best non-filmi song of the year so far.

Even in the song like ‘Maati‘ whose composition is more like a continuous fast pop nazm, he keeps it simple and free flowing without overpowering the composition with too many instruments. The long taans in the beginning of Ajab Jodi, paired with fabulous guitar and percussion might well work better than Kerala ‘stuff’, if you know what I mean. The tune isn’t easy and that is hardly an issue for him who sings it  with an ease that would put most of the auto tune wonders at discomfort. The lyrics are pure and insightful.

We can never have enough of good ‘Heer‘ and this album adds to the glowing collection of ‘Heers’ with its tribute to the same. The composition is the clear winner here. The track is Punjabi and even if it is not your first language, you will love the track, I am quite sure. Sonapani has a lullaby like treatment and is perhaps the easiest composition of the album to hum along.

Pipli is again a Punjabi track but you listen to it once and you will know what I have already mentioned time and again…’language-doesn’t-matter’! Breezy composition and passionate singing make up for any linguistic limitations this song might present itself with.

I would love to hear what you have to say about the album, but personally speaking, all the new talent that comes up these days has just bollywood aspirations, and that leaves us music fanatics to look to our neighbors and get jealous. There are very few bands which try to present themselves as viable alternatives to the ‘drum-dholki-dafli-autotune-infected-Bollywood’ sound company. Harpreet represents a new sound which I hope gets popular and sells!

Art speaks differently to different people. To me, a good music album always makes me want to become a musician and explore the wondrous heritage of music that our country has. Take the old sounds, mix them with new, let nothing be what it has been since ages. Change, because it is wonderful.

We always tag the foreign music with ‘genres’, this album is Indian, and boy, what a genre it would be if paid attention and money.

For once, I wish we would give out ‘star’ rating because this album and the supreme effort would have got 10 stars out of 5. Illogical? Well, which star rating isn’t?

Music review – Hamari Adhuri Kahaani

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Like it or not, Mohit Suri gives out contemporary melodies which resonate long after the film leaves.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani music is no different. With a new talent ‘Ami mishra’ giving out the ‘teri galiyan-sque’ song for the film and Arijit in top form in the title song (Thanks to his collaboration with the soothing melody pied piper Jeet Ganguly), here is an album that will pick up with the fate of the film.

If you are a fan of new albums, you are likely to finish the album without much of an issue

My B.B.C. music review can be heard here –

Music review – Dil Dhadakne do

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A soundtrack which will depend on ‘Great locales’, ‘exotic settings’ and ‘tourist attractions’ to get wah wah from the crowd. On standalone basis, it is a disappointing joke of an effort from S.E.L. who sound exactly how they have been sounding since quite a while with rare exceptions like D-Day, Bhaag Milkha and few more.

Complete review here –

Feel free to tell me my review is KRK-ish :)

All events are real and not Fictional

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Just ranting, because it is in vogue. This isn’t a review :) (because even this is in vogue)

Long time back, when I was learning to push keyboard of the computer without fearing that it will explode and something might go wrong, I went to the online world to read and write about films, music, books, everything! As they say, like assholes, everyone has an opinion. I of course didn’t know this because I read this maxim on internet (मैं किताबें नहीं पढ़ता था. बस उतनी पढ़ता था जिनसे मैं ‘प्रमोट’ हो कर पास हो जाऊ अगली कक्षा में. I am not from I.I.T., I.I.M.

Anyway, there were many forums which I came across. One particular forum was just too intimidating – for the simple reason that everyone knew everything about cinema there, and this I couldn’t accept. अपने दिमाग में हम सबसे बड़े तुर्रम खान थे, and that is why, I never NEVER went there to read anything. So I searched and landed to another forum where people were exactly like me – uninformed and having a false sense of pride stemming from the misconception that ‘I know everything’

Many good films with a different voice and many music albums with different sound came out then. As with liberal arts, there were disagreements, fights, abuses and what not. I remember vividly few ‘creatures’ making fun of seemingly new names (and those who liked these new names). I see those ‘creatures’ wander on social media networks today seeking a favor, a meeting, a like, or an RT from the same set of film makers they were busy ridiculing.

No artist needs ‘defending’ so I won’t say I defended anyone, anywhere. Yet I was a fanboy and I continue to be one. Obviously all fanboys have expectations and so did I but my expectations weren’t revolving around a possibility of the maker reading my ‘script’ or give me ‘work’. All I ever wanted was to see the same honesty of effort on screen which was visible earlier. Don’t tell me that what defines ‘honesty’ might mean differently for you and others. मैं इतना पढ़ा लिखा नहीं हूँ की इतना मेटा रिफरेन्स समझ पाऊ. मुझे मेटा का मतलब भी नहीं पता है वैसे. Also, buying a ticket/music gives me a fucking right to share my opinion, loudly as I might choose because surprise! you make a big P.R. song and dance about your product  prior to the release which I am hoping is directed towards making more and more people see your work?

Please don’t curse the fanboys/fangirls sir. Some of them are NOT Yes-men. They mean well :). If you can’t handle honest expectations, I invite you to sit on one of my good friends’ chair and make glorious presentations and work on excel sheets and present it to ever demanding clients who wouldn’t be impressed and make you work harder for money with every passing assignment (Surprise! Just like films!).

So please spare me the exaggerated sense of self worth and no matter where you live, please resume kickass work. Don’t focus on silly ‘making’ videos. Do all this quick because It is visibly the lowest point for a lot of silly boys and girls who are getting ample nudge and winks laced with puns about ‘one of their favorite filmmakers’.

À bientôt

Muh Dikhai – Shafqat Amanat Ali

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The first track is a punjabi number (maahi maahi) and even though Shafqat’s singing is flawless, the song sounds cluttered due to various instruments which are used. You can’t help but feel that the nature of the song didn’t need such a wide array of instruments. Mind you, the instruments are in sync but there is something quite off putting about everything coming together as a song. Would have liked the first song to be a bit better than this. Jaaniya is again a song with punjabi pop treatment. You will sense that the mukhdas are done up quite nicely but the antraas have a classic mish mash that could have been avoided. The singing in the antraas tries hard to catch up with the guitar that should have not been present in the first place. A song that doesn’t leave any impact.

Ratiyaan is a song that has classical undertones mixed with contemporary music. I am not sure about you, but I can never have enough of such experiments. The saxophone in the song lends depth that isn’t out of place or uncalled for, keeping the tempo and mood top class. With kickass guitars in place, Sun lo takes off and leads us by hand to a ballad-sque Shafqat. The variations are amazing but the arrangements sound chaotic especially while the singers are doing their job. Probably the only song of the album that didn’t affect me at all.

The beauty and the curse of any traditional number is that everyone has their favorite version of the same. With Aaj rang hai Shafqat has added a Thumri-ghazal-sque touch that doesn’t sound bad at all. The arrangement is light and the flute is superb. Shafqat is at ease and it reflects. A good song.  Tere liye has the iconic pop feel with which we associate non filmi music generally. Shafqat is brilliant as usual..loved the way the antras are done. The lyrics are superb. You really cant ask more in a song. The pitch is high and I doubt if anyone else will attempt this song keeping the overall structure same.

Teri khoj has an adorable folk beginning and the song in spite of being in Punjabi (which is not my first, second or hundredth language) instantly connected. I found Shafqat slightly out of breath in the first antraa of the song but that is a minor complaint in an otherwise superbly decorated song. Tum nahi aaye is wrapped in a perpetual sinking feeling with trippy musical arrangement that features a very well used Sarangi. Lyrics are soaked in grief and add to that a somewhat unconventional tune pattern, this song might not be for everyone, but remains a fantastic addition to this album.

Dil dhadakne ka sabab yaad aaya has the best opening taan you would hear this year. The unplugged feel of the song elevates the feel of the song and the piano is top class. The best song of the album without a doubt.
It took a while, but I am glad Shafqat has given us new songs. While I would have liked few more songs with classical connection and a deeper feel, I have to admit, it is quite nice to hear the album as a whole.

My picks in no particular order – Dil Dhadakne ka sabab, aaj rang hai, ratiyaan, Tum nahi aaye, Teri Khoj.

Thumbs up to the album!

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