CokeStudio Explorer – 2018

It is hard for me to get excited about most of the music which is coming out these days. 2014-fication of music on Indian scene happened much before achche din of 2014.  Long time ago when social media wasn’t about getting employment/assignments through ‘liking’ and ‘retweeting’, we used to have a good set of music … Continue reading CokeStudio Explorer – 2018


Namit Das Anurag Shanker Harpreet – Live – 17 February 2018

I started noticing the annual depreciation in the music quality from 2007 I guess when some of us like minded people met on a review site. When I compare what I felt about the music of that period to what is masquerading as music today, I feel sad for the ‘not so good’ albums of … Continue reading Namit Das Anurag Shanker Harpreet – Live – 17 February 2018

CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!

If you are among those 4 people who follow this blog, then you must already know what I feel about Cokestudio Pakistan. It is time for season 11 but before that the new producers (Ever so wonderful  Ali Hamza and the man I would put all my money on - Zohaib Kazi) have done something … Continue reading CokeStudio PAKISTAN – Explorer Ahoy!